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Sunday [Thursday] Soul

Hey folks.

So if you’ve read Cody’s post, you’re aware that life happens. It just kinda hits you hard at some points and depending on the kind of person you are it will take over everything and/or you’ll thrive and blow your own mind with how much you can handle. Unfortunately, I am not one of those things; I am one or the other or a mix of both.

As a junior in public relations, as with most majors, you begin thinking about “the real world” and what you’re going to be doing when you get there. This thought process usually includes a combination of networking, countless emails, applying for internships, applying for a post-graduate school of some kind and interviewing.

I want to take this second to stress something: DO. NOT. PROCRASTINATE. Say it with me. “I will not procrastinate when it comes to big kid things. I will not procrastinate when it comes to big kid things. I will not pro…” Okay, you get the idea. So don’t, because it can lead to working on an application on the day it’s due, for 13 hours because you didn’t start it until four days before it was due. Or near tears break downs at 3:07 am at the library because, despite the fact that you’ll be there until morning, you still might not finish everything. Or actual tears breakdowns that turn into laying on your floor and staring into space for hours because you’re just too darn overwhelmed. And I don’t want that for you. Everyone of those situations stinks.

So let me give you a timeline for each of these things that you can use as a guide to not ending up cry-screaming (silently) at Hale. . .but if you do no worries, I’ve been there.

1. Networking: This is a continuous process, but have those connections made at least a few weeks before submitting an application. That’ll give time to foster relationships and get a feel for the company’s culture.

2. Applications: I’m going to make you repeat that last phrase again. Say it with me, “I WILL NOT PROCRASTINATE ON BIG KID THINGS.” Waiting until the last minute to do an application will not only leave you stressed and anxious, but won’t lead to your best work. Start it early and go back to it periodically until the due date.

3. Interviewing: Don’t take this lightly. As an outgoing human being I have a tendency to not get nervous about interviews, when in reality some nerves are good! Research your company a week ahead of time, have a few answers to common (and uncommon) questions ready to go, and get everything ready that you need to early so that you can get a good night sleep and be rested on the big day.

Now, I know that this isn’t any new advice (or maybe it is! If so, awesome!) but I want to emphasize how healthy it is if you take it. It’ll will lead to more sleep, less anxiety and more quality work.

About Natalie

My name is Natalie Gonzales, and I am a junior majoring in public relations, and minoring in leadership studies. I like laughing, coffee, jelly beans, working out and Harry Potter, and busy is my middle name; anyone who knows me will tell you that my planner is my best friend. I like writing in little coffee shops about this beautiful place called Manhattan, Kansas, and the thoughts and musings of college students today. This semester I look forward to giving you a virtual tour around town and into the mind of a Wildcat.

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