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“The Most Dangerous Worldview is [That] of Those Who Have Not Viewed The World”


A very important part of growing and developing is learning about the world around us. Sometimes we forget that the world is an unimaginably huge place. There are more than 7 billion other people out there and almost 200 countries, think of that the next time you think Cardwell Hall is crowded. In fact, just think of all the different cultures, attitudes, beliefs, and thought processes out there. People live their lives in very different ways and that makes the way they tackle their issues or the way they get to solutions vastly distinct. Think about how learning about just one or two different cultures or languages can open up a whole new world of possibilities and make you see the world  around you with not just one but two or three sets of eyes.

In this day and age one does not have to go much further than their computer screen to get much of the knowledge they need on anything, although travel will always be an irreplaceable and a unique experience. I would suggest to anyone who has not yet, to stop by K-State’s Study Abroad office and speak to an advisor there about Study Abroad opportunities and seek financial aid and some of the many Study Abroad scholarships offered through K-State.

However, if Study Abroad is not an option right now, the next best thing is always going to be the Department of Modern Languages. Whatever culture or part of the world you are interested in, the first step to take towards learning about it is the language. I would suggest starting with a Romance Language; Spanish, Italian, or French. Mostly because once you have learned one, it makes it tenfold easier to learn other Romance or Latin based languages.

Also it is important to mention that adding a second or third language to your resume will always make you more employable and a stronger candidate in the future as you are starting a career. Rapidly advancing technology has made the world a global village, and as we see everyone around us go through life on their own it is important that we understand some of their attitudes and what drives them and it is important to communicate with them as well.

“The Most Dangerous Worldview Is the Worldview of Those Who Have Not Viewed The World” -Alexander Von Humboldt

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Hey, name is Abdurahman Basha, but you can call me Al. I'm a sophomore majoring in finance and entrepreneurship. I do a little bit of everything and try to learn as I go. I enjoy coffee, cooking, photography, Tumblr, and the TV show Friends. I blog about how to survive and make the most out of college outside a 4.0 GPA.

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