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Beyond The Football Game

Tailgate outside Bill Snyder Family Stadium. K-State vs Texas Tech. 10.8.16

For a while since I’ve moved back to Manhattan I had not fully understood football or the experience around a football game. I had not grown up watching the sport so I did not know enough about it. Well, having been at K-State for a while now and given how much everyone around town gets excited about the football program here, I could not help but get on the bandwagon -and to be honest, it has been a fun ride. So here are three things I learned being a K-State football fan.

1-The day after game day, one should start all small talk with “So, how about those Wildcats yesterday?” Only if we win, if we lose this will only result in awkward conversation and prolonged play by play analysis of why we lost. In that case you may carry on with your day to day activities and pretend Saturday never happened.

2-It is in your very best interest to have at least one purple article of clothing on if you leave your house on game day. If you want to go all out, full purple attire will warrant head nods from strangers and possible high fives from frat bros. If you do not wear purple, someone from the Wildcat family will promptly jump out of the bushes and hand you a purple “I love Bill Snyder” T-Shirt.

3-Have loads of fun. There is nothing better than being surrounded by thousands of people who are here to celebrate the same thing as you. This also goes beyond just the football game. Win or lose, you are here to cheer on and celebrate K-State and to have a good time with the rest of the K-State family.

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