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What should I be when I grow up?

What should this person do after she graduates?

When you graduate from college, a lot of people ask what you are going to do after. To answer these constant inquiries, I have asked people in my life what they think I should do after college, since I myself have no idea what I am doing.

My coworkers
Don’t work, just go to Europe.
You should keep going to school so you can default on your loans.
Go home and live in your parents’ attic.
Start your own bakery!
Talk a year-long break.
Be an actress!
Add another major and stay at NSS.
Sell all your belongings and become a nomad.

My friends
Sleep. A lot. Like for years.
Hit the restart on life.
Watch more Netflix. You still haven’t seen Stranger Things!
Take a gap year.
Be pastor because then you get to take all the money from the offering (FYI: Not how that works).
Move to Kansas City.

My family
Base your debt on cost-benefit as opposed to societal norms.
Become financially independent.
Don’t move far away.
Come home and work on the farm.

The kids I babysit
6 year old: You should work at Dollar General in Overbrook and babysit us!
9 year old: You should be a coworker and a vet.
6 year old: You should be the President’s assistant!
9 year old: No, she can’t do that! Hillary Clinton is already the President’s assistant.

About Maria

My name is Maria and I am a sophomore dual-majoring in journalism and public relations. I enjoy blogging about things I have learned and cool experiences, and I hope to tell K-Staters in my blog about all the fun to be had here.
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