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Group Blog: Thankful for K-State

Photo credit: Matt Zajic
Photo credit: Matt Zajic

As we wrap up Thanksgiving weekend and get back to the hustle and bustle of work and classes, we pause to give thanks to the forces in our lives that truly move us. For our dedicated bloggers, one of those prime movers is K-State. Read on to learn why our bloggers are thankful for their alma mater!









Thanks, K-State, for…

…Being dedicated to diversity and inclusion. Like many institutions, K-State still has room to grow when it comes to diversity and inclusion. While constantly striving for improvement, I am thankful that my university is making a concentrated effort to make sure all students feel comfortable and encouraged to be their best selves at K-State.

…Making my dreams possible. If you had told freshman me that I would study abroad twice, have three internships and graduate a semester early, I wouldn’t have believed you. Thank you to K-State for making everything I wanted to do in college real.

…Welcoming me into the K-State family. The K-State family is real. It is functional. It is the guiding principle for how we treat each other.


Al BashaAl: I’m thankful for K-State because of the world of possibilities this university has opened for me and the quality and safety of student life.

I’m also thankful for my teachers who go the extra mile to make sure I have the tools I need to succeed, and I am thankful for our beautiful campus with all of its beautiful trees and lawns and old limestone buildings.



“The K-State family is real. It is functional. It is the guiding principle for how we treat each other.” – Maria


football Malorie: What I’m Thankful for this Thanksgiving…..

K-State Athletics—

Yes, the KU game was this Saturday, and no, I couldn’t wait for the ‘Cats to give Bill Snyder his 200th win over our rival team. What I think is so great about K-State football, though, is not the fierce rivalries or intense crowd participation, but the family atmosphere it creates. On game day, it doesn’t matter if you’re studying English, Entrepreneurship, or Economics: if you’re wearing purple, you are a part of the team. If you’re wabashing, you’re welcome. Even if you aren’t wearing purple, it’s fantastic to see students welcoming the opposing team’s fans to Manhattan. Sportsmanship is something that K-State prides itself on, and I’m both thankful and proud to come from a school that strives to make everyone feel welcome (even if we hope they lose the game). Go ‘Cats!

Outstanding Faculty-

I know it seems cliché, but K-State’s faculty truly is top-notch. Maybe I’ve just had an exceptionally wonderful experience with professors, but I’m sure that K-State professors are all great. I’m so thankful to study at a university where my professors go out of their way to help me on assignments, projects, and generally just figuring my life out! I’ve had countless conversations with professors about life experiences, and employment advice, and I’ve even been to a few Christmas parties at professors’ houses! The personal relationships that I’ve developed with my professors is one of the most rewarding aspects of my college career, and I am so thankful that K-State employs these wonderful, intelligent, kind people!

mykstateBeautiful Campus—

SERIOUSLY. Have you looked around the K-State campus recently? Every season offers something unique and beautiful at our gorgeous campus, and even when I’m freezing my bootie off walking to class, it always brings me joy to have a glance around and see Anderson Hall standing tall and proud. The construction that’s bringing so much growth and progress to our University may seem cumbersome, but seeing the results brings me such pride. The new Business Building, Wefald Hall, and the Berney Family Welcome Center are just a few examples of incredible additions to the K-State campus, and I’m so grateful to have a University that values students’ on-campus experience.


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