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Guest Blog: Take Your Time


A blog post from Rome by my great friend, Grant, who is finishing his Fall semester there. I hope everyone enjoys reading it as much as I have.

Seeing a different way of life has changed me. Right now, I am in the final legs of studying abroad in the beautiful country of Italy. I have been here since August, and although I arrived just three and a half months ago, I have changed more in the last three and a half months than I ever have before. I have seen how other cultures live. I have seen how people live in Ireland, England, and of course Italy. I see how the world views us Americans. Our large portions, our big cars, and our new president.

How have I changed you may ask? Well, my lifestyle is completely different. I am less concerned with time. The Italians have a wonderful way of ignoring the clock, although I admit that it can be frustrating at the train stations. Every morning instead of eating processed eggs, bagels, and bacon like I would in America, I grab a fresh cappuccino and croissant that was baked that morning (truly good food takes time) at my favorite bar and have a nice morning chat with the barista, Davide, discussing the latest results in Italy’s top soccer division. There is no rush. I enjoy it. I also walk. I am in the beautiful city of Rome, Italy. Why would I not walk everywhere?

Every morning I get to take a slightly different path on the way to class and discover a new side street with ivy leaves covering the sides or an old woman drying her clothes out of her window. On the weekends I get to wake up and go to the butcher that has been serving me throughout my three and a half months here. We have a little chat, he lets me try the fresh cheeses that he got that day (I recommend Pecorino di Fossa), I get what I want, and I am on way, back to exploring another side street on the way back to my apartment. I guess the moral of the story from these brief snapshots is that I have learned something from my time abroad. Take your time. We only have one life on this Earth. Go see everything, certainly go taste everything, and certainly enjoy everything.

About Abdurahman "Al"

Hey, name is Abdurahman Basha, but you can call me Al. I'm a sophomore majoring in finance and entrepreneurship. I do a little bit of everything and try to learn as I go. I enjoy coffee, cooking, photography, Tumblr, and the TV show Friends. I blog about how to survive and make the most out of college outside a 4.0 GPA.

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