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Fall Semester Photo Recap


The semester is over, I walked out of my last class this Friday and it felt so surreal that I am now five semesters down and only three to go. Time flies when you are having fun, time truly flies when you are at Kansas State. Here’s a recap of my Fall semester in photos.

1-Moving into my new apartment. 


This August we got a new, bigger, and nicer place. Also, hint, if you are planning on moving in August, book your UHaul two weeks in advance. I waited until the last minute and they did not have any in Manhattan and had to get this one all the way out from Junction City.

2-Cargill Leadership and Diversity Summit


Later that August I got to travel all the way up to Minnesota and got to attend the Cargill Leadership and Diversity Summit. This was a life changing experience and definitely something I will remember for years to come.

3-Watching the Marching Band play in Aggieville. 


My love for the K-State Marching Band cannot be overstated. I enjoy attending any event where they are playing. If you have not seen them in action yet then what on earth are you doing with your life?

4-Beating Texas!


Hats off to whoever was in charge of putting this up!

5- Voting for the first time. 


6-The KU game. 


Need I say more?

7-Putting Up Christmas Decorations. 


I know I skipped Halloween, but we all know Christmas is the holiday we all really care about.

So this was my Fall semester. It was a lot of fun and I wish I could have added more pictures -or taken more pictures. Five down, three to go.

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Hey, name is Abdurahman Basha, but you can call me Al. I'm a sophomore majoring in finance and entrepreneurship. I do a little bit of everything and try to learn as I go. I enjoy coffee, cooking, photography, Tumblr, and the TV show Friends. I blog about how to survive and make the most out of college outside a 4.0 GPA.

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