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K-State Students Have Lunch With Warren Buffett

It is like if you were a Physics student, and you got to sit there and ask Einstein questions, or if you were an English major and you had Shakespeare walking around a room giving you insight into the ins and outs of the English language. 

The trip starts at Nebraska Furniture Mart with attendees from graduate programs from Ivy League schools as well as another school that traveled all the way from China for this event, all huddled around in their groups. An NFM executive calls out the names of the schools alphabetically -but only after he calls out Kansas State first, followed by a loud cheer from our group and a “Go ‘Cats!”. According to our Professor Scott Hendrix, K-State has been invited here year after year, and every year, it is pretty much tradition that the first name called is K-State’s; possibly a sentiment of the good relationship K-State has built over the years with the managers of the Berkshire companies.

The Q&A and lunch with Warren Buffett himself was amazing, he answered questions and gave advice about everything and anything. From regulations and investment advice, to love and choosing a significant other. He jokingly said there was no guarantee for his answer on the latter.

I am not going to sum up everything he said but my favorite takeaways from the entire Q&A were his advice on tenacity and him saying “If I was afraid of making mistakes I’d have to quit” He also talked about one of the keys to to happiness and how it is important to pick the right partner or significant other.

Moral of the story, if you are in business and you want a chance to meet with Warren Buffett and get a personal invite from him to go to the Berkshire Hathaway annual shareholders meeting (which I hear is loads of fun), then you need to come to K-State.

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