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REquired or REally cool: Why not both?

Sometimes, college classes have events that are required outside of class. Here’s the good part—they aren’t normally bummers! In my experience, out-of-class activities have been a blast. Read on to discover some of my coolest experiences in attending events that were required for a class!


Author Presentations

For those of you who don’t know, K-State has this really neat program called the K-State Book Network. Each year, members of the KSBN choose a book for incoming freshmen to read, and each new student gets a copy of the chosen book in his/her enrollment package when attending Orientation and Enrollment. As an avid reader, I naturally loved this. But really, I have friends who aren’t big readers and they really like this idea. (Trust me, they don’t choose terribly long books—everyone can read them!) The point of the program is for all incoming students to have something in common once they get to campus—this book!

So my freshman year, the KSBN book was “The Other Wes Moore” by Wes Moore. For my first-semester English class, we were all required to go see the author speak about his book. I didn’t really know what to expect. Even though I’m an English person, I don’t interact with famous authors very much, so I didn’t really know what to expect. What I experienced was an energetic, enthusiastic man who shared a very compelling story with the K-State family, and he had great insight and an inspiring message. I walked away not only with a good grade in the class for going, but with a new understanding of the book I had read and a new perspective on life!

Theatre Performances

This semester, I’m taking an Introduction to Acting class for my Fine Arts credit. I love this class because I’m learning things that are brand new to me from a professor who’s been in Broadway shows and really knows what he’s talking about. Plus, the class is loads of fun!

A requirement for this class is that we see a few theatre performances in the Purple Masque Theatre. Not only is this an awesome theatre, but the productions I’ve seen for the class all have had students that I know in them! It’s a blast to see my friends on the stage, and really, it’s just so fun to watch theatre performances. I love it.

Christmas Dinners

Both Decembers that I’ve been at K-State, I’ve had a professor invite the whole class to his/her house for a Christmas dinner. This wasn’t a requirement, but both times almost the whole class attended—and it was awesome! Both professors cooked for us, treated us to out-of-the-classroom conversation, and welcomed us into their homes with open arms. This is something that not a lot of professors would do, but at K-State we’re lucky enough to have these kinds of people.


All of these experiences have been great for learning, and also great fun! So if your classes ever have required events: go! They will most likely be fun! (And if you don’t….you might get a bad grade.) But enjoy these events and experiences, as they’ll help you grow not only academically, but personally and professionally as well! I know my experience with events outside of the classroom have not only been REquired but REally cool!

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My name is Malorie Wagner, and I am a junior majoring in English. I believe that everyone here has a story, and I hope to share some of the stories of those that make our university so great with you through my blog. Go ‘Cats!

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