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Don’t Need A Lot O’ Dollars to Have A Lot O’ Fun

Flint Hills Discovery Center behind fountains in Blue Earth Plaza

Do you ever do the thing where you check your bank account balance before you go out just to do that rough mental math where you decide how much bank can you really break? You ever do that math and realize you can maybe, just maybe, afford to break like $5 worth of bank? Well put your sad little $5 bill back in its safe place (the rent money pile, duh!) and read this list of hangout spots in Manhattan where you won’t need a lot o’ dollars to have a lot o’ fun.

1- Flint Hills Discovery Center, Blue Earth Plaza

I know what you are thinking, “But that costs money to get into! doesn’t it?”. Well, yeah, but who said we are going inside? Every time I have been, the stairs to the roof patio have been unlocked so we just go sit on the chairs up their and watch the beautiful view of Manhattan. Also, Blue Earth Plaza right next to the Discovery Center has the most beautiful fountains, sitting areas, and a huge lawn where you can just lay on and watch the clouds float by. It is in the really nice part of town too, so trust me when I say it is ‘nice’.

2- Varsity Donuts and Bluestem Bistro 

I cannot make a list of hangout spots in Manhattan and just not include these two. The reason they made it on my list of affordable places though is that it only costs $1ish for a donut at Varsity or $1.95 for a coffee at Bluestem. I am not gonna get into how awesome both places are because it has been said in a lot of previous posts but there is really no way you can go wrong spending time there.

3- Sunset Zoo 

Okay I know it is not really the cool kid thing to hang out at the zoo, but who cares? It is a small, but fun zoo, with a lot of cool animals and fun facilities. It does cost $5 to get in but it is definitely something you have to check out at least once while you are in Manhattan.

4- Konza Prairie 

This is probably my favorite place to be on a nice day in this town. The sunset, the trail, the tall grass, flowers, turkeys, deer, and yes the moon. On a clear day what is nicer than seeing the moon in broad daylight? I will refer you to my older blog post about the Konza. However, the animals are usually on the protected research part of the park so do not go near there, and oh, do not bring your dog. I know how tempting it might be to want to bring your furry friend along, but unfortunately the rules are there for a reason and people violating the rules has put the Konza under the threat of shutting down before so please follow the rules.


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