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The Secret College Super Power

Every busy college student knows of the existence of a magical super power. If they’re lucky, all college students are able to tap into this miraculous resource of strength and will power, and today, I’m sharing the secret with you! Read on to discover the Secret College Super Power.


Picture this: it’s a Monday. (I know, ew.) You just got done with a morning that made it clear it was a Monday—an 8:30 test, 10:30 lab, and 11:30 study session with classmates. You feel like your brain is dead, and it’s not even noon yet! What on earth shall you do? Your next class is at 12:30, and you seriously need a super power to get through this day.


Let me introduce you, my friends, to (drum roll please….)


Yes, a nap is the Secret College Super Power. And let me tell you, folks: it works miracles. A quick, 20-minute power nap can turn a full-blown Monday catastrophe into a manageable day, even a great day! If you have 20 minutes and headphones, you can nap anywhere! I personally prefer the comfort of my own home, but I’ve seen plenty of people use Hale Library as a napping spot, or the grass of the Quad on a nice sunny day—I’ve even seen students utilize this super power in class (although this is NOT highly recommended…or recommended at all, in fact).

While everyone’s schedule is busy, sometimes we just need a little break. And what better way to recharge the ole’ batteries than by closing your eyes, shutting off your brain for a few minutes, and getting some nice relaxing shut-eye? I find these particularly powerful in the late afternoon hours…2-3 o’clock is the ideal naptime for me.

You know how everyone has their own special morning routine? It turns out, different people do naps differently, too! Here are some variations that I’ve heard.

  • Drinking coffee and immediately taking a nap apparently doubles the effectiveness of your nap (I’ve tried this one—I think it works)
  • If you sleep with your legs up against a wall it helps you get more restful sleep during naps (Haven’t tried this…but it sounds slightly uncomfortable)
  • Counting your breaths helps you ease into nap-time sleep more easily (this is soooo true for me. I turn on the ocean sounds, count my breaths, and BAM. Out like a light)

So there you have it, folks. The Secret College Superpower of Napping. It may not be X-Ray vision, super-strength, or invisibility, but it sure does beat a case of week-day drowsiness. I highly recommend power naps (at appropriate times….NOT in class!) to boost productivity and increase awake-ness. Happy Napping!

About Malorie

My name is Malorie Wagner, and I am a junior majoring in English. I believe that everyone here has a story, and I hope to share some of the stories of those that make our university so great with you through my blog. Go ‘Cats!

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