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MalorieHi! My name is Malorie Wagner, and I am a junior from Burlington, KS, majoring in English. Here are some fun facts about me: my top 5 strengths are discipline, consistency, harmony, input, and empathy; I have an irrational fear of falling down mountains; and an irrational love of left-turn signals. If you ever wonder what I’m watching or listening to, it’s probably either Les Mis or Phantom of the Opera (I am mildly obsessed…okay, maybe fully obsessed with both of them).

I am involved in the K-State Book Network Selection Committee, English Honorary Sigma Tau Delta, Silver Key, University Honors Program, CRU, Division of Communications and Marketing, and New Student Services. I believe that everyone here has a story, and I hope to share some of the stories of those that make our university so great with you through my blog. If you have any suggestions about who should be featured next on What Makes K-State Great, please feel free to email me at maloriewagner@ksu.edu. Go ‘Cats!

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