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Ryan KrajicekHello!

I am Ryan Krajicek, a senior from Salina, Kansas, majoring in gerontology and physical sciences, and graduating in May. I have been blessed with many great experiences while at K-State. Recently, I have been involved with the K-State Center on Aging as a researcher and ambassador, a WellCAT Ambassador for Lafene Health Center, and a teaching assistant for Human Body. That being said, most people know me from Hale Library, the K-State Rec and various events on campus. I love the rush of living—meeting new people, doing new things and simply being outside of my comfort zone. If I had to describe my college experience in one word, I would use “eccentric”—but I have loved every second at K-State and would not have had it any other way. While this is my first semester blogging for K-State, I have almost four years of college life to reflect on and I look forward to sharing it with you!

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