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Author: Natalie

My name is Natalie Gonzales, and I am a junior majoring in public relations, and minoring in leadership studies. I like laughing, coffee, jelly beans, working out and Harry Potter, and busy is my middle name; anyone who knows me will tell you that my planner is my best friend. I like writing in little coffee shops about this beautiful place called Manhattan, Kansas, and the thoughts and musings of college students today. This semester I look forward to giving you a virtual tour around town and into the mind of a Wildcat.

The Land of Oz (also known as my heaven)

Growing up I LOVED Wizard of Oz. Like I mean wore-the-blue-checkered-dress-all-day-every-day, watched-the-movie-on-repeat and had-a-wizard-of-oz-themed-birthday-party kind of love.

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Annnnnnnnnd we’re back!

Yes, I am in full denial that it is my senior year. I can’t imagine leaving this place so I’m just not going to for the time being.

A new year means new classes, new teachers, new memories and so much more, and I am SO excited.

Here’s a heads up on some of the AWESOME coming up this month at K-State:

September 13th: Yoga on the Lawn. 12:15 to 12:45 p.m., Lawn Anderson Hall.
September 15th and 16th: Purple Power Play at the Park. 5 to 9 pm, City Park.
September 17th: FIRST HOME FOOTBALL GAME vs. Florida Atlantic
September 18th: Climbing 101. 1 to 4 pm, K-State Rec.
September 20th: All-University Career Fair Day 1: Agriculture, Arts and Sciences, Business and Human Ecology. Bramlage Coliseum, 11 a.m. – 4 p.m.
September 21st: All-University Career Fair Day 2: All Majors. Bramlage Coliseum, 11 a.m. – 4 p.m.
September 24th: Football vs. Missouri State
September 27th: Voter Registration Opportunity. Hale Library, 10 a.m. – 4 p.m.

…and this is just a few of the bajillion things that K-State is offering this month! Check out the calendar on K-State’s website for more!!

Quick Inspo

Exhaustion and stress. It’s hitting everyone at this point in the semester, including me. So here are some motivational posts from Pinterest in an effort to inspire you in a quick kind of way.

Learn this. You are you and you're wonderful. No one should make you feel like less than everything.
Learn this. You are you and you’re wonderful. No one should make you feel like less than everything.
This is so important. You know all of those things you wish a significant other would do for you? Do them for yourself, love yourself and date yourself. You'll come to realize just exactly how much you're worth.
This is so important. You know all of those things you wish a significant other would do for you? Do them for yourself, love yourself and date yourself. You’ll come to realize just exactly how much you’re worth.
College is so so short. Take every moment and make it most that you can.
Colleges so so short. Take every moment and make it most that you can.

Honestly, I learned a few things writing this post and choosing these quotes. I hope they inspire you too.

-from the basement of a friend’s house (Kansas Tornadoes man….)
Happy Sunday!

The Best Advice I Never Took

So about a week ago I enrolled in my last Fall semester at K-State. HAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHHHA I’M SORRY WHAT? No. I’m actually not leaving Mom, Dad, World. It won’t happen.

…but okay, in reality, it’ll most likely have to happen. I will most likely have to leave Manhappiness and K-State and these people and City Park and the Top of the World and the Harry Potter room in Hale and the Veggie Sandwich at Radina’s and I’m going to stop there but wow… looking back there are a few things I knew and didn’t quite take to heart. . . Ones that yes, my mom probably told me and was completely correct about, and that I’m just now realizing I should have put into action. (Yes, Mom. You were very very right.) So I’m going to give you the advice I got in the hopes that maybe it’ll help your first couple years in college just a little bit smoother.

1. Don’t Procrastinate. Oh I know, I know! You “work better under pressure!” …and are “too busy to do things ahead of time!” Trust me, I can give you any excuse in the book, because I’ve said all of them. BUT I’m telling you right now. If you get in the habit of doing assignments [and anything else really] ahead of time, not only are you going to be 100x less stressed the night before, but you’ll produce more quality work because you have just that much more time you’re putting into it.

2. Don’t Overwhelm Yourself. Especially in your first semester / year. I am a full-blown, self-admitted “Yes-Woman.” If I can somewhat fit something into my schedule, you bet I will. The downside of that is that I rarely have time to sleep, rest, relax, breathe or do something just because I love it, and that’s not healthy. Being involved is great, but if you’re not well enough to put every bit of your best into a task because you’re stretching yourself thin, all of your tasks are going to suffer. Find the one to three things you are most passionate about and donate your time there. You’ll be inspired and doing something you love, as well has have time for socializing and keeping yourself happy.

3. Don’t Underestimate the Value of Going to Class. It’s easy. It’s easy to skip “just one Monday class” and then get into the routine of skipping that same class every week, and then even more classes. Just don’t do it. You’ll fall behind and end up missing more trying to catch up at the end of the semester than that extra long nap you were going to get skipping. If you manage your time right, and prioritize, you can have a healthy balance where skipping won’t even seem necessary.

4. Don’t Say No to Spontaneity. I’m not out of college, but I have a lot of friends that are. And they all look like they’re having a fantastic adulthood, but one thing I can see that I have that the moooostly don’t is flexibility. For example, in the middle of writing this post, my friend asked me to drive to Topeka with her to pick up a bunny she was adopting. Practical? Debatable. Hilarious and memory worthy? Duh. I’d say yes again. Take the time to, after being mostly responsible, be spontaneous and make memories. You’ll be carrying those with you too when you grab that diploma.

So there you have it. Advice I wish I’d taken. Please at least try it. I’m scrambling and can now see the end of my time in Manhappiness and I know I’d be doing less fretting and stressing if I had just listened to my mom when she told me these things freshman year.

“The End of the Semester” . . .as told by the cast of Friends

The end of a school year in high school is EPIC. You might have some summer reading, but for the most part it’s time for fun in the sun and hanging out with friends. And in college, it’s mostly the same, but one weird thing is . . .you kind of don’t want to leave college for summer sometimes… here are a few realizations that hit when you begin to realize how close the end of the school year really is – as a college student.

1. After a semester full of hard work, the end of the semester is about two months away so it’s time to start tying up loose ends and looking over syllabi to make sure no assignment was left behind.

giphy (1)

2. Some harsh realities will start to hit. Like that your out-of-state friends won’t be five minutes away anymore…


3. And you checked your grades so you’re somewhere on the good or bad side of…

giphy (2)

4. And that means you’re either …

giphy (4)


giphy (5)

5. And then you think of having to leave Manhappiness….

giphy (8)

..and decide that maybe, just maybe you can find a place to stay for the summer?

giphy (10)

…because once you fall in love with K-State and Manhattan, it’s hard to leave.

giphy (9)


A major part of being in a sorority or fraternity (or any organization) is fundraising. As a member of a greek chapter, our fundraising efforts go to support a specific cause. Yesterday, my sorority held a philanthropy event to support literacy. There was cornhole, chuck-a-ball, music, burgers, fries, and ‘pies’ to be smashed in the face of the Pi Phi of your choice. It was sunny and 82 degrees, there was a perfect breeze and the park was filled with the chatter and laughs of students pretending that the next day wasn’t Monday. Here are a few snapshots of the day and crowd:



It was a beautiful day for the event.

Now, I’m a huge supporter of choosing the college life that best suits you, but I can’t not state my appreciation for the organization I am a part of. The community and opportunity it offers daily are two things I couldn’t imagine my college experience without.

It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year

[In my mind.] … BASEBALL SEASON!

Here’s to hotdogs and spring weather and games every day and our Bat Cats. You can click on the link below for the schedule or download the K-State Gameday app. Either way, make sure to make it out to a game. See pictures below for an accurate description of just a little bit of the fun and yumminess you’ll experience if you do.





Sunday [Thursday] Soul

Hey folks.

So if you’ve read Cody’s post, you’re aware that life happens. It just kinda hits you hard at some points and depending on the kind of person you are it will take over everything and/or you’ll thrive and blow your own mind with how much you can handle. Unfortunately, I am not one of those things; I am one or the other or a mix of both.

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Sunday Soul: Punxsutawney Phil Fueling Kansans’ Fashion Woes

If you’re from Kansas you’re used to 32-degree mornings and then 75-degree afternoons. You’re used to wearing your puffy coat to class then lugging it all three blocks home because now the sun is shining and you’re pretty sure you know what a marshmallow feels like in the microwave with it on. You’re used to scraping ice off of your window the same day you have a picnic planned and your car AC/Heat switch doesn’t get much rest.

This year the famous Punxsutawney Phil predicted an early spring, and, as Kansans who have seen all kinds of weather at every time of year, we’re really not phased. We are, however, sitting on our porches in shorts and t-shirts and expecting snow by next week. So we’re going to have to be prepared. You’re going to have to have those boots ready right next to the Birks you were wearing today during the 65-degree paradise that was Manhattan, Kansas.

Here are five tips for surviving the ever-changing Kansas weather from a born and raised Kansan:

1. That Jacket. Yes, it’s necessary. But yes, it also needs to be luggable. And yes, it’s also got to fit somewhere in that lecture hall row. But don’t let yourself suffer. (So many guidelines!) Short and sweet: make sure you’re warm enough to get to class. Make sure you won’t hate yourself carrying it back in the afternoon if you have to. And lastly, if it’s cold enough for a puffy coat, it’s cold enough to need gloves and a hat. Be safe. They can always be stuck in your back pack if/when it becomes a summer day.

2. Oh the raaaain! It’ll getcha, and you won’t even expect it. It’ll be sunny and warm or chilly and windy, but somehow the rain will still come. You know that thing they say in The Fault in Our Stars? “The rain comes slowly, then all at once?” That’s Kansas. To. A. T. But let’s be real, you can’t bring an umbrella with you to campus everyday unless it’s one of the tiny ones that will fit nicely in a backpack pocket. If that’s not an option, the most important thing is your backpack. You will dry. Your laptop, textbook and homework that took six hours will not recover as well. Just stick a trashbag or grocery sack in there to whip out when the downpour comes. After that, if rain is in the forecast, any article of clothing that is water repellent is preferable…

3. Hot, like a fiya. The easiest (shorts and a t-shirt), but toughest day to dress for. Because no matter what, when you get to that last layer of clothing there is nothing else you can do. I’d say, light colors -> no sweat stains, deodorant in the backpack -> no B.O. (close quarters in lecture halls…your neighbors will thank me), and water -> because it is possible to be “workout sweaty and tired” from one walk between classes.

4. The Different Climate Zone Classroom. This one is unique because it’s not an actual weather situation, but if you’ve ever walked into the cloud that is an AC-less lecture hall you know it’s real and it’s unbearable. If this is a constant setting for you the best solution is going to be layering. Cold day in December but Amazon-like classroom? Put that big coat, over that sweatshirt that’s covering your summer-ready [K-State] t-shirt. Same goes for a cold classroom; layer. Wear that tank top on your trek and have a sweatshirt ready to keep you snug and focused.

5. Shoes. Oh my gosh, shoes. Ok. In full disclosure I rarely wear shoes when it’s not necessary so I’m the girl you see in sandals when there’s snow on the ground. But for the general public, it always does to be well prepared. Boots in the snow or rain (no one likes wet socks inside of tennis shoes, no one), tennis shoes if you’re going to be hustling all over campus, cute but comfy shoes if you have to give a presentation but have a full day of classes after and casual shoes for everyday wear. Also, don’t try to ride your bike in those biz-casual heels, stick them in your backpack and wear the flats. Trust me…

Hey! You are now prepared for the rain, snow, sunshine, windy, hot, cold and everywhere in between day of classes! So basically one day here in Kansas. Holla!