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To my sisters: The case for building fierce female friendships in college

img_3471I have always wanted a sister. I have a wonderful brother, Joe, but he has never helped me pick out new shoes.

In college, your family is far away. Who is going to be there when you flunk a test or can’t figure out how to air up your tire? Who will encourage, love and support you in this strange, new collegeland? Answer: Your friends! Continue reading “To my sisters: The case for building fierce female friendships in college”

The Land of Oz (also known as my heaven)

Growing up I LOVED Wizard of Oz. Like I mean wore-the-blue-checkered-dress-all-day-every-day, watched-the-movie-on-repeat and had-a-wizard-of-oz-themed-birthday-party kind of love.

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What is K-State All About?


It was almost three years ago when I first set foot on campus here. It was winter break time so Manhattan was not very crowded. Ironically, at the time I had no idea where I was. I mean, I knew I was at the home of Kansas State University, but it was not until I started school here the following Fall did I really know where I was and what this place really is and what it stands for.

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Thinking outside the college degree

Getting an engineering degree is pretty tough work -of course I wouldn’t know about that, but people tell me. I just assume if someone goes through the trouble of getting an engineering education they wouldn’t think of doing something else for a career. Continue reading “Thinking outside the college degree”

“The End of the Semester” . . .as told by the cast of Friends

The end of a school year in high school is EPIC. You might have some summer reading, but for the most part it’s time for fun in the sun and hanging out with friends. And in college, it’s mostly the same, but one weird thing is . . .you kind of don’t want to leave college for summer sometimes… here are a few realizations that hit when you begin to realize how close the end of the school year really is – as a college student.

1. After a semester full of hard work, the end of the semester is about two months away so it’s time to start tying up loose ends and looking over syllabi to make sure no assignment was left behind.

giphy (1)

2. Some harsh realities will start to hit. Like that your out-of-state friends won’t be five minutes away anymore…


3. And you checked your grades so you’re somewhere on the good or bad side of…

giphy (2)

4. And that means you’re either …

giphy (4)


giphy (5)

5. And then you think of having to leave Manhappiness….

giphy (8)

..and decide that maybe, just maybe you can find a place to stay for the summer?

giphy (10)

…because once you fall in love with K-State and Manhattan, it’s hard to leave.

giphy (9)

Finance 450: The boogeyman of the College of Business

Photo from http://union.k-state.edu/
Photo from http://union.k-state.edu/

So having listed all the cool and fun courses to sign up for here at K-State, here is one class that pretty much any Business, Golf course management, Hospitality management, Engineering and many students from other majors will probably attest to it as being one of the most challenging and most rigorous courses they had taken during their time in school. Finance 450, probably the most popular (or perhaps infamous) course in the college of business, I like to describe it as the “boogeyman” of the CBA.

So why does Finance 450 get so much bad rep? Continue reading “Finance 450: The boogeyman of the College of Business”