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Study Smarter, Not Harder

If you have a part-time job it can be tricky to balance college and work. I found a few really neat tricks to get some quality studying done while at work. It will work well if you have a campus job like me where you can do work with your earbuds in. Continue reading “Study Smarter, Not Harder”

Front row seats to your favorite lectures

Fall is typical time when high school students turn into college freshmen who, just five months ago, had to ask permission before leaving a classroom, and now they don’t even have to be there if they don’t want to; It’s always interesting to see how they cope and adapt.

With around 4,000 fresh-out-o’ high school students at K-State this fall, there are lots of habits and conventions they bring along with them. Continue reading “Front row seats to your favorite lectures”

I’ll Get Around to the Title of this Post…Y’,know. Later.

Of all the buzzwords that we throw around in our daily lives at K-State, I think “procrastination” has to rank in the top ten. Maybe even the top five, if you take out “Chipotle,” “Twitter,” and any terms used to describe caffeinated drinks! For a problem that affects people from all ages and walks of life, though, why does it seem that procrastination peaks during our collegiate years? You could make an argument against social media, or the way that modern technology is affecting our minds. Another quality explanation is the heightened expectations of college students in today’s global community. At the end of the day, maybe we’re just really good at, y’know, not doing things!

I come to you as a constant citizen of the state of ProcrastiNation. I’ve never met an assignment that I haven’t tried to finish within 24 hours of the due date, and there are no sweeter words to my ears than “assignment extension.” Over my past four years in college, I’ve dealt with this problem enough to become a sort of expert on the matter. (I’m not proud). However, in the interest of helping your productivity, GPA, and mental well-being during your years at K-State, I’ll try to give you the best primer I can on how to recognize and avoid procrastinating! So, without further ado:


Level One – Snowball

Looks innocent, right? DON'T BE FOOLED.

 The Snowball is your garden-variety source (and result) of procrastination. This level of procrastination starts off as an innocent “Oops!” moment. Maybe you forgot about a particular assignment for class that’s due soon, or you put off working on a group project until the last minute. In an effort to finish this particular task, you start putting off obligations to other things in your life, until BAM! The work starts to pile up, and you begin to get further and and further behind. Like a snowball rolling down the mountain, it’s easy for this backlog of work to grow, and grow, and grow, which leads us to our next level of procrastination…

Level Two – Kilimanjaro

How many snowballs make a mountain? You don't want to know.

 Ever had so much to do that you just freeze? Does making your to-do list take longer than the homework itself? Congratulations! You have entered the “Kilimanjaro” stage of procrastination. Your mountain of things to-do has become so formidable, just the thought of starting on it terrifies you. Deadlines are approaching swiftly, and if you don’t start soon, you run the risk of falling behind completely. You know that you’ll have to climb this mountain step by step, but where should you begin? If you don’t have a set way to prioritize your time, you may drop to the stage of…

Level Three – Procrastivity

To some people, this is joke. To others, it's a life motto.

Let’s step into the mind of someone who has finally decided to take on their mountain of work. “This is it! I’m definitely getting some work done today. Let’s check out my to-do list… Hmm. I have an essay due tomorrow, an interview the day after, and a test next week. I think I’ll rearrange all of my Spotify playlists, and then revise my bucket list!” Way to go, champ. You have officially fallen into the trap of procrastivity. This is where, in an effort to defeat procrastination, we start to be incredibly productive…on all the wrong tasks! Yeah, you get the rush of endorphins from actually checking something off of your to-do list, but the deadlines on the work you actually SHOULD be doing are creeping closer, and closer, until…

Level Four – Queen Syndrome

BOOM. In one final push, you somehow finish all of the work before the deadline! As you collapse onto the bed/couch/futon of your choice to make up sleep, you hope that you never have to do this again. Unfortunately, for some people, they’re doomed to repeat this behavior again, and again, and again. These students may say they “work better with a deadline,” or that they are “game-time performers.” If you also asked these kind of people what their favorite candy bar is, they’d tell you Time Crunch. This problem can escalate to the point where they can’t accomplish anything unless they’re under an unhealthy amount of self-inflicted stress. They prefer to live their entire lives…UNDER PRESSURE!

*click this link to get the joke*

Now that my obligatory 70’s rock band reference is over, it’s time to get more serious. I’ve taken a very lighthearted look at an issue that we all may deal with at some point in our lives, but chronic procrastination can wreck more than just your GPA. Humans aren’t meant to live under the type of stress that that this problem can create, and chronic procrastination can be a sign of underlying psychological problems, such as anxiety, ADD, ADHD, or even depression. If you ever feel like you have too much to handle in your life, I encourage you to call some of the campus resources I’ve listed below! These are all free for K-State students, and can drastically improve your quality of life.

Office of Student Life  – 785-532-6432

Counseling Services – 785-532-6927

Student Access Center – 785-532-6441


Check in soon for some productivity tips perfect for defeating procrastination!