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An Open Letter to My Freshman Self

penrod-graduation-20Dear past me,

What’s up homie? It’s Maria from the future. It’s 2016! Oh the things I have to tell you…

First of all, The How I Met Your Mother series finale was terrible. Second of all, Drake and Rihanna dated and then broke up. Lastly, we graduated! WOO! I know you are scared, nervous, anxious, and petrified about starting college, but you are going to have a blast. I won’t spoil the journey by telling you everything, but I will tell you a few things I wish I had realized sooner. Continue reading “An Open Letter to My Freshman Self”

Front row seats to your favorite lectures

Fall is typical time when high school students turn into college freshmen who, just five months ago, had to ask permission before leaving a classroom, and now they don’t even have to be there if they don’t want to; It’s always interesting to see how they cope and adapt.

With around 4,000 fresh-out-o’ high school students at K-State this fall, there are lots of habits and conventions they bring along with them. Continue reading “Front row seats to your favorite lectures”

Warming up (in more ways than one).

Good evening, friends!

After a year-long break, I’m SO excited to be back doing two of my absolute favorite things: actively writing my K-State story, and sharing it with all of you. Sophomore year is officially in the books and delivered tons of new experiences, a bit of fresh perspective, and quite possibly a little wisdom as well.

Red White and Bluemont, 1st Weekend

After the incredible time I had last summer, I decided to return as a Wildcat Warm-up counselor for K-State Orientation and Enrollment. As a counselor, I had the privilege of connecting with three weekends full of bright incoming freshmen and helping warm them up to their new home. After reflecting on the advice I found myself repeatedly offering, I’ve summed them up into three items. They are:

  1. REACH OUT – There are endless “firsts” during freshman year that can sometimes be challenging. The greatest thing about this? You don’t have to go it alone! Rejoice in not knowing what the heck you’re doing—you are never alone, and there is always someone waiting around the corner with open arms to help you. Those who aren’t afraid to ask for help are the first to succeed.
  2. GEEK OUT –  College is about discovering (or further capitalizing on) the things you love. For me, it was finally finding a field of study that allows me to use my love for communication and connecting with others in a strategic, direct way—and while others might think that sounds boring, I’m a big, shameless nerd about it. So whether it’s in a Chemistry lab, in a Student Senate meeting, or during that last touchdown of your flag football game, find a way to “geek out”—and don’t be sorry about it.
  3. GET OUT – of your routine, that is. My favorite memories from freshman year were not spent in my room or even class—they were spontaneous adventures of exploring MHK, taking weekend trips out of town, or staying up all night for heart-to-hearts with new friends. Make time to work—but don’t forget to make time to play!

In close, it’s important I note that these are merely discoveries from my own trials and errors. Your unique experiences and interactions will help you build your own tips and tricks for success—and they may be completely different than mine!
So now, go out and make mistakes. Lots of ’em.

xoxo, ellen