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Strength in Circles

Pi. Pie. Yin and Yang. Donuts. Smiley Faces. All of these things are circular, and all of them are very useful in our lives. Read on to learn about my favorite circular source of strength at K-State!


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A place I know full well: My 6 favorite spots in Manhattan

After spending 3.5 years in the best college town in the country (Read about it, it’s true), here are my favorite places in Manhattan, Kansas!

img_0015The Konza Prairie is breath-taking, peaceful, and not too difficult of a hike for us amateurs. If you have friends who don’t think Kansas is beautiful, take them here.

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For the love of the ‘Ville.

SPRING BREAK 2012. Literally music to my ears. Finally—-a chance to get away from all of the routine schoolwork and other responsibilities and take off to a faraway, exotic destination. Right?

Well, not exactly.
The majority of my break was actually spent right here at home in MHK. While the town comes alive during the school months, there is a certain beauty that flourishes after all of the students vacate. Instead of blogging about the beautiful beach I visited or mountains I skied, I’m going to tell you all about my 5 favorite spots that I spent time at in Manhattan’s very own historic shopping and dining district: Aggieville. The great thing for students is that it’s within a block from campus!


ACME GIFT – I am a total sucker for quirky gifts. With that being said—–Acme Gift definitely delivers. Their store houses a variety of whimsical objects ranging from giant blow-up mounted deer heads to moustache pint glasses. It’s impossible to choose a favorite part about Acme—-but their floral arrangements are TO DIE FOR. They are beautiful, unique, and very simple to order and get
delivered. (Hint, fellas.) Whether you’re seeking a thoughtful gift for a friend or just a book with cute cat pictures, Acme is the answer.


VARSITY DONUTS – Varsity is a relatively new addition to the ‘Ville—-but it might be one of the most anticipated ventures to start up within the past few years. (For me, anyways.) Without much need for explanation–this place RULES. They have classic selections, but also adventurous treats like Red Velvet, Flat Tire (Oreo extravaganza), Maple Bacon–and, dollar coffee. $1! In addition to donuts, the place hosts Scrabble and ping pong tournaments, donut decorating parties, and even rents out their vintage bicycles. Plus, it makes the entire 4-block radius smell like sugary donut heaven.

SO LONG SALOON – So Long’s is a delicious restaurant and bar that’s known for their incredible burgers and great atmosphere–even though the place is relatively small in square footage. The menu is full of western lingo that will definitely crack you up–example: The Chipotle Raspberry Black Bean Dip (my favorite item on the menu) pictured to your right is explained as such: “Topped w/zesty chz to make yer buds tingle. Tortilla chips on da side fer sum crunch.” I’m drooling now, so, there’s that.

THREAD – THREAD is yet another insanely unique and adventurous business in Aggieville. Their main game is custom-made t-shirts, but they also do stickers, window vinyl, and just as of late, headbands! Just bring in an idea and their creative staff will help you design exactly what you’re looking for. Personally, I’m a big fan of anything with old-school Willie on it. WARNING: visiting frequently will result in an urge to make matching group t-shirts for every event in your life.

BLUESTEM BISTRO – Bluestem is a wonderful locally-owned coffee shop that has great food, great coffee, and is one of my absolute favorite study spots. On top of being delicious, their baristas are extremely friendly. (If I had that easy of access to caffeine all day, I would probably be the same way.) Lunch specials, which are usually only $5, are tweeted daily from their Twitter account. (Follow them here!)


So, there they are! I must admit, picking only 5 was pretty challenging. If you aren’t familiar with Aggieville, a visit is now in high order—get out there, explore, and discover your own fave 5!

xoxo, ellen