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Beyond The Football Game

Tailgate outside Bill Snyder Family Stadium. K-State vs Texas Tech. 10.8.16

For a while since I’ve moved back to Manhattan I had not fully understood football or the experience around a football game. I had not grown up watching the sport so I did not know enough about it. Well, having been at K-State for a while now and given how much everyone around town gets excited about the football program here, I could not help but get on the bandwagon -and to be honest, it has been a fun ride. So here are three things I learned being a K-State football fan. Continue reading “Beyond The Football Game”

Lucky Number 4! #EMAW

As many of you hopefully know, the ‘Cats pulled off a HUGE win over the Texas A&M Aggies last night at Bill Snyder Family Stadium. What many of you might not know is how incredible it was to be in the iCat Student Section during the entire thing.

My love for K-State Football started at a young age. When I attended games with my family, I always watched the student section in awe and dreamed of someday getting to sit in those coveted seats—the band, the field, and the intensity of the game just yards away. Last night was the epitome of that euphoric feeling coming to life. We showed up about an hour before the game started and scored 6th row seats (which was pretty lucky). After not one, not two, but FOUR overtimes, the ‘Cats pulled off the win. It was simply incredible. Although I was exhausted after 5 hours of screaming and my hands were a little sore from giving so many high fives…that’s something you can’t really complain about.

If you are a potential student–I cannot stress enough about how fun attending games and sitting in the student section is. Kansas State has the best seating for students across the Big 12 (and arguably the nation). Even if you don’t know the difference between a touchdown and a home run…I promise you will have the time of your life.

Click here to watch the WINNING TD in 4OT! Even if you were there…re-watching it still brings some intense urges to Wabash.

with peace, love, and EMAW forever.
xoxo, ellen