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Study Smarter, Not Harder

If you have a part-time job it can be tricky to balance college and work. I found a few really neat tricks to get some quality studying done while at work. It will work well if you have a campus job like me where you can do work with your earbuds in. Continue reading “Study Smarter, Not Harder”

What Makes K-State Great: Dr. Emily Lehning


Associate Vice President for Student Life and

Director of New Student Services

From Olivet, Kansas

Strengths: Maximizer, Arranger, Individualization, Learner, and Achiever

This phenomenal woman is someone that you need to know.

Continue reading “What Makes K-State Great: Dr. Emily Lehning”

Bacon-flavored cheddar cheese crackers









I try to eat healthy, natural, and sometimes even organic -when I can. However, when I’m face to face with the vending machine in the basement of Anderson Hall – a vending machine that by the way takes cards as well cash, leaving me powerless without my usual trick of not carrying change- when I’m faced with the electronic, flashy, cold devil, I’m ultimately powerless.

I usually try to have breakfast before I leave for class and work in the morning, but a lot of times I get hungry in the middle of the day and as I wander off for some reason around Anderson Hall, while I’m at it, I end up snacking. I know it is not a very healthy habit, but I only get the bacon-flavored cheddar cheese crackers (“Like that makes a difference”, a sarcastic voice in my head says.)

I am definitely going to try to snack a little healthier. It might be fun to have all the bacon-flavored cheddar cheese crackers in the world, but for the sake of my own health, I am probably going to move on to Belvita biscuits.

Moral of the story, snack unhealthy if you feel like it, but try to keep it in moderation.

Front row seats to your favorite lectures

Fall is typical time when high school students turn into college freshmen who, just five months ago, had to ask permission before leaving a classroom, and now they don’t even have to be there if they don’t want to; It’s always interesting to see how they cope and adapt.

With around 4,000 fresh-out-o’ high school students at K-State this fall, there are lots of habits and conventions they bring along with them. Continue reading “Front row seats to your favorite lectures”

Walking, strutting and strolling to campus

Walking by one of my favorite buildings - Nichols Hall!
Walking by one of my favorite buildings, Nichols Hall!

Many students choose to walk to campus. It’s one of the cheapest and healthiest ways to get there! I live about a mile away from most of my classes, and usually end up walking about four miles a day. I love walking so much, I even turn down rides when they are offered (Unless there is a good ol’ Kansas blizzard). Here are my tips for how to have the best trek to class EVER.  Continue reading “Walking, strutting and strolling to campus”

A year in the life

As the new year gently unravels, many tend to reflect upon the past 12 months as a way to bring closure and look ahead to what’s to come. As a self-proclaimed list aficionado, I find myself clicking on almost every “year-end” article shared on Facebook and take great interest in how others recap their year—whether through a list of favorite albums, movies, or even moments in pop culture.  As a college student, all of those things play a large part in my day-to-day life; but as you can probably assume, school plays the main role. In hopes of shedding some light on what a year in college actually looks like, I’m going to share with you a (somewhat Sparknotes) rendition of the most significant moments of my year at K-State:

THE ‘CATS: We kicked off the year by going to watch our beloved ‘Cats battle in the Fiesta Bowl in Arizona. Tons of students road trip down (even though the drive was more than 13 hours!) so it was a blast getting to cheer on our football team with thousands of members of the Family.  Additionally, attending games throughout the year is always a highlight and has created some of my fondest memories.

MAJORS AND MINORS: At the beginning of the year, I finally made the transition from a Marketing major to a Pre-Journalism and Mass Communications student. I begin taking classes in the JMC school in the spring and later applied and officially became an Advertising major in the fall. Although it took me a little longer to finally figure it out, I couldn’t be happier with my academic path and, at last, feel fully connected with my curriculum, fellow students, and faculty.

GREEK LIFE: After falling in love with our chapter’s national philanthropy as a underclassman, I decided to apply for Philanthropy Chair—and was lucky enough to get it! Our chapter has an event each semester, so I was in charge of coordinating both and getting the chapter excited. We helped raise over $6,500 for our national philanthropy, Make-A-Wish, and my position came to a close in December after a full year of hard work. (I also discovered that event planning is definitely NOT my forte.)

STUDENT GOVERNING ASSOCIATION: In late October of 2012, I began working for a team campaigning for Student Body President and Vice President. Campaign season is in full force during January and February, and closes in March. Working as a campaign manager was by far the most challenging, time-consuming leadership position I had ever taken on, but after winning the election and watching two close friends and incredible mentors take office, it quickly solidified my love for student government at K-State and paid off 110%.

In early spring, our organization hosts the K-State Proud campaign, which helps raise money for fellow K-State students who are struggling financially to keep them on campus. I then got to take on the position of Vice President of Membership, which means I basically get to plan fun socials and retreats for our group, along with new member recruitment, selections, and training. In late summer, we took a trip to New Orleans for a national conference where we got to present our organization’s practices and learn from dozens of other similar programs from universities across the nation.

EMPLOYMENT: I spent the year working for New Student Services in Anderson Hall and returned for my 2nd summer serving as a Wildcat Warm-up Counselor for Orientation and Enrollment. Over the course of the year, I was able to give several campus tours, sit on student panels, and help coordinate visits for all of the talented students interested in K-State. Nothing beats the challenge of recruiting the top students to K-State, and hopefully this post has helped express why I’m so passionate about it.

The point of this recap wasn’t to celebrate or show off the feats of my year; rather, to show you how many unbelievable opportunities there are to take advantage of at this university every single day. While I can easily express the things I did over the past year, I cannot even begin to express the personal development I’ve achieved through fully immersing myself in undergraduate life. At the end of the day (or year, I suppose), I owe every ounce of my growth and success to the relationships with the lifelong mentors, leaders, and friends that make this place the unique and special place I will forever call home—from 2013, to 2014, and forever and ever until I’m old and graduated and gray and blogs aren’t even cool anymore.  ‘Cats, man.

xoxo, ellen