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The home stretch


I hate to be “that guy”, but dead week starts Monday and finals week starts the Monday after, the end has never been closer (in a thick, suspenseful voice). However, having gone to class all semester and battled procrastination to study and do homework, I feel somewhat prepared, and even though I have not started studying for final exams yet, I plan to just take full advantage of dead week to tackle classes one at a time in the order they come. A lot of people may be feeling very overwhelmed right now, but here is what I am going to do and I hope it works for others too. Continue reading “The home stretch”

Stressed Out of My Mind

It’s that time of year again.  A test and paper in one class, a project in another, plus a few more papers, projects and tests in the rest can make for an extremely stressful time.  Then when you add working a job and trying to make time for a social life, things can get out of control and suddenly you find yourself in a downward spiral.  Thankfully, there are some simply things you can do to help manage your stress better. Continue reading “Stressed Out of My Mind”

Food for thought, and for finals


Time is a very difficult thing to come by the week before and during finals week. I have less time to sleep, run errands, go out, and even do chores. However, one thing I usually never have time for is feeding myself.

During finals week I usually find myself going hours on end without food or regularly miss meals just because I do not have the time to cook or go out to eat. This semester, however, I realized I could do something about it.

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All the December thoughts you think in December

IMG_1391December is weird time for college students. You are all “YAY! WINTER BREAK IS COMING!” and then 13 final projects mysteriously appear out of nowhere.

Day 1: LAST MONTH OF THE SEMESTER! I am going to take this month down! I got this! *punches the air*

Day 2: Wow it is getting a little chilly out. Better get some hot chocolate!

Day 3: Hm, I have a lot to do in the next few weeks.

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Wrapping Up The Year

As another semester quickly comes to an end, it’s important to reflect on both the highs and the lows.  It’s been a great semester and an incredible Sophomore year all together.  I can’t believe that I’m almost halfway done with college; it’s so surreal!  I sound like a parent or something, but I feel like it was just yesterday when I was at Summer Orientation enrolling in classes for my Freshman year.  Time flies by so fast in college; it’s as if I just blinked and two years have gone by!  There’s been ups and downs throughout my time at K-State, but I’ve got three important things I’ve learned from them that might help you out:

1. Enjoy your time in college, but try to balance fun and school work.  It’s easy to get caught up in all of the fun things that K-State has to offer; it’s important to remember why you are here though.  Getting all your responsibilities and schoolwork taken care of should always come first, but don’t forget to reward yourself for accomplishing your work.  Too much fun can lead to poor academic performance, and too much work can drive you crazy!  Finding the balance that’s right for you is a key to success in college.

2. You’re not alone — there are over 24,000 students here at K-State, and that means that there’s got to be people here that are going through the same thing you are.  Whether you’re stressed about a class, trying to find someone to talk to, or trying to get involved with something, there’s resources out there available to you.  The teachers, faculty, and K-State student body as a whole are collectively the best bunch of people you’ll ever meet.  The community here is unlike anywhere else, and everyone here truly cares about your well-being.  Joining a fraternity or sorority is a great way to become instantly plugged in to K-State and a guaranteed way to find people with similar interests to your own!

3. Get involved!  Academics are the reason you’re in college, but involvement is what really makes your experience meaningful.  It doesn’t matter what you get involved in either!  There are literally hundreds of student organizations you can become a part of, and there’s something out there for everyone.  Whether it’s a leadership role in your house or residence hall, joining the Sky-Diving Club or the Harry Potter Alliance on campus, playing intramural sports, or anything else, you’ll never regret trying something out.  It’s important not to get too involved and become over-committed (like how I feel sometimes), because that can really burn you out and interfere with your academic performance.  However, my college experience has been truly fulfilling so far largely due to the organizations I’ve been a part of.

I hope you find those tips helpful in your future or current college endeavors!  I should probably catch you all up on what’s been going on with my life too.  Since my last post I’ve finalized my schedule for next semester, continued training for my teaching position, completed the Professional Advantage Program for the year by attending some really interesting lectures, assisted with our new philanthropy – Miss K-State (we raised over $3500 for the Global Service Initiative!), got an A on a Finance 450 test(!!!!!), saw my fraternity brother perform at Sunset Revival and went to a sorority formal in the same night, attended the Spring Football Game (Jake Waters v. Daniel Sams), and started and selected members for the new Honors Ambassadors Program.  It’s been so busy but so fun too!  This week is dead week, and I think it might actually be pretty dead for me for once.  The week after this is Finals Week, and then it’s Summer Break!  I might be staying in Manhattan for part of the Summer, but I’m not sure yet.  Be sure to check back; I’m going to post a picture of the girl I helped with Miss K-State and myself!

Finals Week Prep!

It is finals week on campus and I am taking time away from the books to let you know how K-State helps with finals week!

This year, many places on campus have opened up 24 hours a day for finals week! In addition to Hale Library, the K-State Student Union and Leadership Studies Building are open all week. Every student on campus will have the opportunity to have a place to get final studying in this week before finals. Rumor has it, these places on campus are even giving out free treats to students studying there every night!

Union Program Council has sponsored study snacks in theK-State Student Union every night. My committee is in charge of providing the snacks. We even made fun, catchy signs to encourage students to study hard. We will have these candies out for students studying in the Union every night.

It is time for me to get back to studying for finals.


Preparing For Finals

It’s December – wait, what?!?! Since coming to college, my favorite month of the year has at times been far from care-free, brought on largely by the stress of finals week and end-of-the-semester academic requirements. To be honest, I’ve never really felt like my professors asked too much of me – I’ve mostly felt like my prioritizing and time management skills haven’t always quite been up to par. Today, I thought I’d share a few tips I’ve learned so far at K-State for effective end-of-the-semester management – I’m by no means an expert at this, and I’ve often found that just because I know that I should be studying doesn’t necessarily mean I do, so take my advice with a grain of salt! Here goes:

Hale Library - frequent study spot!

1. Prioritize and plan your days: with so many competing classes, work requirements and extra-curricular activities vying for your time, the simple ability to not only make a to-do list, but to make one that is prioritized, is really important. I’ve found that no matter how busy I get or how much studying I have to do, I can find comfort in a list of what I need to get done in order of importance.

2. Be disciplined: once I’ve made my list, reality sets in – I actually have to do it. No matter how good being organized may feel, hard work and discipline is still the one and only essential ingredient in the quest for success. Take your prioritized list one step at a time, take reasonable breaks, and stay active – it’ll be worth it!

3. Sleep, Eat, and Exercise: the boring stuff, right? As fun as pulling all-nighters may seem (OK, maybe people other than me don’t find that fun) and while sacrificing a bit of sleep to study more can occasionally be worth it, it’s just not maintainable over the long haul – at least not that I’ve found. In addition to getting enough sleep (or close to it), healthy eating and exercise are two other important parts of college life – especially at the end of the semester.

So there’s my advice! Nothing earthshaking or incredibly innovative, but rather the truth that I’ve found to work for me. I like a challenge – the opportunity to push myself excites me, and finals week and the end of another semester provides just that!


Almost Done!

I feel like this semester has flown by before my eyes!  My first Final Exam of the semester is next week, and I can’t believe my Freshman year is almost over.  I’ve been super busy the past few weeks, but I’ve also had some really cool opportunities.  For instance, the Higher Learning Commission was at K-State a couple weeks ago to review our accreditation.  Without their approval, a degree from our university wouldn’t mean nearly as much as it does today.  I got the chance to sit down with a few of the Board Members and tell them about my K-State experience: the ups, the downs, and everything in between.  We passed the accreditation review, hooray!

Another awesome thing that I found out about last week was my Executive Mentor.  This new program offered to Business Students matches successful K-State Alumni with current students to help mentor them.  The purpose of the program is to help students with professional advice, job and internship opportunities, and networking.  A few short weeks after applying to the program, I found out that my Executive Mentor is Dennis Dautel, the CEO of Landscapes USA and other businesses in Austin, Texas.  I got the chance to meet him at the first annual Executive Mentor Luncheon this past Friday.  He’ll be mentoring me throughout my time at K-State, and even afterwards hopefully!  I’m really looking forward to learning about his experiences and advice in the business world, and I may even get the opportunity to visit his office in Austin this summer.

Silver Key has been keeping me busy as always.  I’m in charge of all the committees, as well as the annual Sleep Out for the Homeless.  This is our biggest event of the year, and I’m already setting dates and reserving a spot for next September!  It seems as if the responsibilities and tests and meetings never end, but that’s what college is all about – figuring out your strengths and weaknesses, and how to manage your limited time.  I’m all about the all-nighters this semester to help get everything done, but I always end up paying for the lack of sleep the next day!


Busy bees and a chocolate flamingo

Welcome back from Spring Break! I know that I had an awesome time on my vacation and I hope that you all enjoyed yourselves, as well. After coming back, I realized that we have 6 WEEKS left. 6 WEEKS. Raise the roof, yeah yeah! With that realization, I started to think about all of the busy things that I will have to finish in the coming weeks. So, for all of you kind of freaking out that the semester is almost over and are feeling like all of your classes are overwhelming you, I’m here to help you with some lovely advice:
1)Go for a walk. Have you noticed how absolutely gorgeous it has been outside? Get yo endorphins up and take a breather. I laid under a delicious tree the other day for a few hours, and it was absolutely wonderful. Take some time to relax, even just for a few minutes. It will help ease your stress tremendously.
2)Plan a nice congratulations for when you finish finals. Let’s face it, finals are coming up and they are going to be crazy. The only way to truly feel like you accomplished climbing a mountain is to prepare to congratulate yourself when you ace that last test! Buy yourself a cake, treat yourself to ice cream, do whatever floats your boat to make you feel special and nice. I’m in the market for a chocolate flamingo if anyone knows where I can find one? Chocolate flamingo, you will complete my life.