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Getting Your Money’s Worth: Part I


As a Finance major, a good chunk of my college education revolves around the concept of minimizing cost and maximizing profit -or in other words, getting your money’s worth. So this is a concept I think about quite often, and a lot of times it finds its way into my personal life as well. We all like to get our money’s worth when we spend it, especially being college students, but if you are having a hard time running out of month before running out of money, here are some things you can try to maybe stretch your dollar just a little bit further. Continue reading “Getting Your Money’s Worth: Part I”

How to Adult: Paying Uncle Sam

Most of us remember a specific moment or period in time where we just felt like “Oh, that was very grown-person of me, that is an interesting feeling.” Well, that is what a lot of people call and Urban Dictionary defines as “adulting” Continue reading “How to Adult: Paying Uncle Sam”