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Strength in Circles

Pi. Pie. Yin and Yang. Donuts. Smiley Faces. All of these things are circular, and all of them are very useful in our lives. Read on to learn about my favorite circular source of strength at K-State!


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Food for thought, and for finals


Time is a very difficult thing to come by the week before and during finals week. I have less time to sleep, run errands, go out, and even do chores. However, one thing I usually never have time for is feeding myself.

During finals week I usually find myself going hours on end without food or regularly miss meals just because I do not have the time to cook or go out to eat. This semester, however, I realized I could do something about it.

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“Drowning” in Campus Activities

So today has started off as a rainy day, but that has not kept me down. I began my day by visiting the Union Program Council office on the third floor of the Union to find out what was on my agenda for today. Just have to send off a few contracts, request a check or two and finish getting ready for tomorrow’s event.
The Union Program Council hosts around 180 events per year which works out to about 5 per week. These events can be entertaining, educational or both. Some of my favorite events have been laser tag, paintball and comedian Jessi Campbell. I also enjoyed the lecture given by Bill Nye last year and the Lindsey Sterling concert we had earlier this semester.
I personally help plan events for the After Hours committee. This committee plans a substance-free event every Friday night. The events are free and open to the public for the most part. Tomorrow night we will be doing our annual Grocery Bingo. At this event, we give away over $500 worth of groceries and prizes to lucky winners. I can’t wait to see the students come out and get excited.
Well I better go now because I’m about to give a campus tour. See you later Wildcats!


Last night was the infamous CASINO NIGHTTTTTTTTT on campus. And let me just say, IT WAS SO AWESOME. Hence the caps. Seriously though, this is one of the best events that Programming Board puts on every year. You get a free t-shirt, free food, and if you’re lucky, a prize! While I didn’t get to win anything spectacular, I still had a complete blast.

IMAG0029.jpg Not only was I a boss at bingo, but did I mention that you got free things? Any event where I am fed delicious junk food and get a sweet K-State t-shirt is an event I highly recommend! For real though, if you didn’t get the chance to go last night, keep your calendar open for next year. Casino night will not disappoint you, le trust!