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An Open Letter to My Freshman Self

penrod-graduation-20Dear past me,

What’s up homie? It’s Maria from the future. It’s 2016! Oh the things I have to tell you…

First of all, The How I Met Your Mother series finale was terrible. Second of all, Drake and Rihanna dated and then broke up. Lastly, we graduated! WOO! I know you are scared, nervous, anxious, and petrified about starting college, but you are going to have a blast. I won’t spoil the journey by telling you everything, but I will tell you a few things I wish I had realized sooner. Continue reading “An Open Letter to My Freshman Self”


Hard to believe, but Summer is already here.  Freshman year wrapped up really well!  I cut a few grades pretty close, but I ended up with a cumulative 3.8 GPA for the year.  I’m going to be spending the Summer in Kansas City, working a part-time job.  But, I’m planning on heading back to Manhattan a few times for sure!  As far as Summer plans go, I’m heading to Texas a couple times, a couple lake trips, and a couple trips back to Manhappiness.  I’m really looking forward to having a break from school and all the responsibilities, but I can’t wait til school starts back up next Fall!

This Summer, I’m planning on catching up on some desperately needed sleep, working a lot, hanging out with high school friends, and hanging out with new friends I made at K-State.  I’ll be taking an English class at Johnson County Community College also; it’s great how easy it is to transfer classes taken at JCCC to K-State.  I took 29 credit hours through JCCC and my high school, and they all transferred to K-State no problem.  I ended up taking 29 more credit hours this year, so technically I’ll be a Junior by the time I get back to K-State.  I’m staying for at least four years though, already decided!