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So You Don’t Know What to do With Your Life…



Don’t have the rest of your life planned out to the minute? It’s okay. Read on to learn about my experience with coming to K-State with an Open Option major and how it benefited me.

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Thank you, K-State

As I think about Thanksgiving break, my first thought is “oh my gosh, where did my 9 days off go?” Quickly followed by “wait a minute…I only have two weeks left of school then graduation and finals. WHAT IS GOING ON!” Thinking about the short amount of time I have left as a student at K-State makes me realize the things I am most thankful for from my time here.

1. The amazing friendships I have made. Deciding to attend K-State, work on campus, and participate in various on campus activities resulted in friendships that will last a lifetime. (yes, this is a subtle shout out to you)

2. The connections I made with faculty and staff across campus. From my on campus employer to my professors to my academic and honors program advisors, my life has been positively influenced by numerous professionals at K-State.

3. The opportunities for involvement both on and off campus. Whether it be serving as Chair of Student Review Board, participating as a CASA Volunteer, or my time in a Greek organization, each endeavor turned out to be an amazing adventure and learning experience.

4. The future that awaits me as a result of my decision to attend K-State for my undergraduate career. As I approach graduation, I have an amazing offer from one law school and am waiting responses from the other two. K-State provided me with the academic rigor and opportunities for success to make my career goals a reality.

This list may seem short, but its four components are vastly important to me. I cannot imagine my undergraduate career without any single component. And for that, there is only one thing I would like to say:

Thank you, K-State.


Highlights of Senior Year

The second week of school is well underway, and it still has not hit me that I am a senior. Although I will be a 5th year senior next year, come this May I will be saying goodbye to many close friends. In order to put this looming cloud of gloom out of my mind, I have developed a list of senior year highlights:

1. The majority, if not all, of your classes are directly related to your major. Although general education courses are an easy way to learn about other disciplines, you are finally taking all the courses which made you select your major in the first place. For example, I’m taking Constitutional Law I and have the opportunity to participate in a mock Supreme Court trial!

2. For many students, myself included, this is their first time living outside of an organized living situation (ie. Greek Houses, the Residence Halls, and Scholarship Houses). From finding decorations for my house to learning how to cook to having friends over for movies and our infamous dip nights, living on my own is turning out to be quite an adventure.

3. Finally, you are truly staring the future right in the face. Whether looking for an internship or full time position, applying to some sort of graduate school program, or planning to travel those big kid decisions are near. Giddy-ness, fear, excitement, and nerves, or a combination of them, prevail at different moments throughout the year.

Students take a variety of approaches in order to balance all of these emotions. For instance, my friend Mollie and her roommates developed a “Senior Year Bucket List” to keep themselves motivated while enjoying their last 9 months at K-State. As for me, I am working to keep an optimistic attitude even though I know those tough choices are on the horizon. My first step however is heading to Las Vegas this weekend with the senior class of my sorority. I would dare to say that this year is starting off with a bang.