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What should I be when I grow up?

What should this person do after she graduates?

When you graduate from college, a lot of people ask what you are going to do after. To answer these constant inquiries, I have asked people in my life what they think I should do after college, since I myself have no idea what I am doing. Continue reading “What should I be when I grow up?”

A Solution for New Year’s Resolutions: Pt. 1

Ah, mid-February. The coldest bite of winter is almost behind us (yay!), mid-terms are almost upon us (not yay!), and it finally seems like we’ve settled into the swing of things. Now that we’re all settled in for the semester, let me throw a small wrench into your day with a simple question:


How are your New Year’s Resolutions going?

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Checking Things Off The List

As this semester quickly comes to an end – I can’t believe I’m actually graduating tomorrow! – I am enjoying the process of checking items off of my to-do list. For starters, I cleaned my apartment today. If you struggle to keep your bedroom at home clean (that was definitely me) then trying to keep your apartment looking decent is on a whole different level. Since all of my family is coming in town tomorrow for graduation, I figured I probably ought to do some cleaning. Secondly, I finished my honors project. Considering I started this process at the beginning of my sophomore year, I am so excited to be finished. I cannot believe the final project ended up being over 33 pages long! It was an amazing journey, but it would not have been successful without my faculty supervisor. As far as class work goes, all that stands between me and officially completing my undergraduate career at K-State is one take-home final and four in-class finals. Sounds like a fun week ahead, right?

On a lighter note, a few years ago K-State produced a deck of cards featuring 52 things to do before you graduate. I thought I would go through the list and check off how many of the things I completed. Below are my results:

1. Participate in Homecoming – Check!
2. Purchase the official K-State Ring
3. Rub the bronze Wildcat’s nose on the Alumni Center terrace for good luck! – Check
4. Cheer the wildcats on in all 16 Division I sports – Not quite all of them, I’ll say 1/2 check
5. Be involved and vote in the SGA elections – Check
6. Tailgate at a K-State football game – Check
7. Help out the community through the K-State Volunteer Center of Manhattan – Check
8. Go wild at the Sunset Zoo – Heck yes I have! More than once.
9. Boat, fish, and camp at Tuttle Creek Lake – Check
10. Check out the sights from “Top of the World” or “K” Hill. – Yes to both!
11. Enjoy a picnic in one of Manhattan’s 21 Parks – Check
12. Hike the Konza – This is a regrettable no. I am not an outdoorsy person, but I wish I had done this!
13. Ring in the New Year at the Little Apple’s New Year’s Celebration – Always!
14. Swim or relax at Pillsbury Crossing – Check
15. Attend the Union Expo & Activities Carnival – Check
16. Attend a K-State After Hours Event – If movies in the Union count, then yes!
17. Bow at the K-State Student Union Recreation Area. – Check
18. Bring your family to K-State Family Day – It’s my favorite day of the year!
19. Celebrate diversity by attending a multicultural event on campus – Check
20. Use the K-State Powercat Financial Counseling Center – I haven’t but probably should with graduation so close.
21. Attend the Career Fair each fall at Bramlage – Unfortunately, no.
22. Participate in K-State Open House – Check
23. Participate in Week of Welcome – Check
24. Register with Career & Employment Services – Yes!
25. Research your future career at the Academic & Career Services Office – No
26. Sign up for tutoring – I had to take Calculus when I was Pre-Med. Of course I had a tutor!
27. Attend a Landon Lecture – One of my biggest regrets. I missed out on the opportunity to listen to a Supreme Court Justice speak!
28. Watch a rodeo in Weber Arena – No
29. Catch a show in McCain Auditorium – This is one of my favorite perks of being a student – tickets at least 50% off!
30. Know the K-State Alma Mater – Yes?
31. Enjoy Call Hall ice cream – Too much of it 🙂
32. Explore your artistic side at the Beach Museum – No
33. Join the official K-State Facebook Fan Page – I’m not sure, but I’m going to ges yes.
34. Use Lafene Health Center – Check
35. Learn the moves to the Wabash Cannonball – Check
36. Words to the K-State Fight Song – Heck yes!
37. Make friends with someone from a different country – Check
38. Pose for a photo in front of Higinbotham or Peine Gates in your grad gear – I will be tomorrow!
39. Recruit a future K-Stater – CHECK!
40. Support K-State Proud – Check
41. Ring the Bluemont Bell – No
42. Smell the roses at the K-State Gardens and check out the insect zoo – No
43. Study in the “Harry Potte room” in Hale Library – OF COURSE!
44. Take a random picture on campus – Check
45. Take your picture with Willie the Wildcat – Check
46. Watch the K-State Marching Band practice at Old Stadium – No, I’ve listened but not watched.
47. Workout at the rec and join an intramural team – Yes, I competed in the intramural horseshoe championship last year!
48. Study abroad in one of 50 countries – My biggest regret is not studying abroad; I think it’s an experience everyone should have!
49. Ask Willie a question – No
50. Succeed at K-State with K-State HD – Check
51. Ride safe with SafeRide – Check
52. Join one of K-State’s more than 475 student organizations – Check

First of all, thank you if you read all of the way to here. Secondly, here are my totals: Check –  37; No – 15. Not too bad, right? Look forward to my final post after graduation – it should be an exciting one!


Thank you, K-State

As I think about Thanksgiving break, my first thought is “oh my gosh, where did my 9 days off go?” Quickly followed by “wait a minute…I only have two weeks left of school then graduation and finals. WHAT IS GOING ON!” Thinking about the short amount of time I have left as a student at K-State makes me realize the things I am most thankful for from my time here.

1. The amazing friendships I have made. Deciding to attend K-State, work on campus, and participate in various on campus activities resulted in friendships that will last a lifetime. (yes, this is a subtle shout out to you)

2. The connections I made with faculty and staff across campus. From my on campus employer to my professors to my academic and honors program advisors, my life has been positively influenced by numerous professionals at K-State.

3. The opportunities for involvement both on and off campus. Whether it be serving as Chair of Student Review Board, participating as a CASA Volunteer, or my time in a Greek organization, each endeavor turned out to be an amazing adventure and learning experience.

4. The future that awaits me as a result of my decision to attend K-State for my undergraduate career. As I approach graduation, I have an amazing offer from one law school and am waiting responses from the other two. K-State provided me with the academic rigor and opportunities for success to make my career goals a reality.

This list may seem short, but its four components are vastly important to me. I cannot imagine my undergraduate career without any single component. And for that, there is only one thing I would like to say:

Thank you, K-State.


Graduation: Full Speed Ahead!

I cannot believe it. I am in shock. When did this happen!? Graduation is less than two months away. On Saturday, December 8th at 9:00 AM I will be filing into my seat to receive my diploma from K-State. Needless to say, the realization that this big event is sneaking up on me is an understatement. Although I am excited to begin the next stage in my life, I feel like I have so much to complete the next two months. Luckily, K-State hosted a Graduation Fair in the K-State Student Union Bookstore yesterday and today. This afternoon I was able to sit down with someone and go through all of my options for ordering invitations, thank you notes, my cap and gown, etc. I was so thankful to have a real person taking the time to sit down with me and decrease the stress associated with such a big event. Before I knew it, I could check those tedious tasks off my list! It was such a relief to know that from start to finish K-State had someone there to help me out. I can honestly say there has not been a time during my K-State career where a helping hand was not offered. All I need to do now is send out my invitations (once they arrive) and try to find a warm but cute outfit to wear under my gown. December 8th, I’m ready for you!

Graduation – A Time for New Opportunities

It is that bittersweet time of year when cherished friends from the last four years leave the nest to embark on their next big adventure. As this was my fourth year at K-State, I had to face the unpleasant reality that some of my friends would be graduating and leaving Manhattan. At first, this was a difficult idea to comprehend because I will be at K-State for an extra semester. In my mind, if I was not graduating, then no one else was either. Sadly, this is not the case. However, throughout the process of goodbyes, so longs, and hope to see you soons, I’ve realized there really is no reason for graduation to be a sad time of year. It should be a time of celebration! Completing a college degree is a huge achievement, and if you already know your future place of employment – even better! While there are several friends I wish were staying closer, I know they are always just a phone call, text, tweet, or Facebook message away. Even though this post may be erring on the side of cheesy, it is important to acknowledge those closest to you. Besides, knowing I can now visit friends in their new locales gives me something to look forward to as I embark on my last semester at K-State.

Alma mater

I’ve recently began defining my inclination to develop intense, short-term obsessions over things as having an ‘addictive’ personality. I credit this post to my recent ‘addiction’ to the Latin language.

Here I am, sifting through hundreds of Latin phrases, simply amazed at the beauty this language has contributed to the spoken one we claim as our own today. As I’m searching, I come across “Alma mater”. Visions of strangers huddled close together, embracing one another, bound by the song we all share a deep connection with arise in my mind; along with the tune that instantly began streaming in my head:

I know a spot that I love full well,
‘Tis not in forest nor yet in dell;
Ever it holds me with magic spell,
I think of thee, Alma Mater…

The feelings that swept over me instantaneously were not what sparked this post—it was the words I read upon the screen soon after. It was this: “Alma mater” translates into “nurturing mother”. Alma mater was used as a title to different motherly goddesses or figures in ancient Rome…how incredibly fitting is that as the title of which we address our university?

Kansas State is so much more than a higher education institution. While it has countless impressive offerings in academics—its true wealth lies in the deep nurturing it provides to anyone who walks its grounds. K-State instills a drive to serve something bigger than yourself. It inspires you to volunteer your time and talents to aid in your own personal growth and development while giving back to those you share a community with. At this University, when you find that you’ve lost your way, you will find new lights to guide your path in an entirely new direction. The second you reach out your hand when you’re in need, you will receive tenfold in return, with hearts yearning to help you back on your feet. It provides you not only with a safe, welcoming home, but a network full of people who share similar wants and needs who are there to support you through and through.

For future students: I cannot wait for you to join this family. You have so much to look forward to, and you also have some high expectations. I hope you come, find your niche, and hit the ground running; K-State will build you into a better person from the very start of your journey here. Never be afraid to reach out to others for guidance—rest assured you are at a place that hosts open arms and a true sense of belonging to all.

For the students whose time is up: each and every one of you have made a lasting impression on this University. Through its direction and teachings, you have left behind a continuing legacy of excellence. I say with full sincerity and confidence that Manhattan is a better place because of you. And at least for those of you who have made a direct impact on my own life—I cannot thank you enough for the hope and inspiration you’ve provided to fuel me through the rest of my time left. It’s sad to see you go, but all that you’ve learned from the spot that we love full well will take you to incredible places.

Maybe it’s graduation or maybe just finals that are the cause for all of this sap. Regardless, it’s a pretty emotional time. As a close to my freshman year—I end with a heart full of hope and great pride that I can call this place home.

KSU, we’ll carry thy banner high.
KSU, long, long may thy colors fly.
Loyal to thee, thy children will swell the cry.
Hail, hail, hail, Alma Mater.

xoxo, ellen