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From One Home to Another

One of my most cherished gains of my time at K-State are the people I’ve gotten close enough to to take home; to share memories with outside of the place where our bond was formed.

This weekend I made the journey home with an incredibly good friend to do all that you should in the fall (in my opinion); spend the morning with some kiddos and the afternoon at a pumpkin patch…ending the day with a family dinner and couch-lounging and baseball-watching.

Saturday morning started early in the KIDney Corner of the 2014 National Kidney Foundation Walk. I receive an emails from my sorority with volunteer opportunities  frequently and try to sign up for as many as possible.  So, I convinced my friend to do it with me and we spent the chilly but beautiful morning painting pumpkins and playing games.

Fifty to seventy-five painted pumpkins, rounds of “Go Fish for a Prize” and caricatures later we left around lunch time and headed home for some energy fuel (food) and more baseball before heading to Garry’s Berries Pumpkin Patch in Grantville, KS. There we played cornhole, fed the goats and bunnies, went on a  hayrack ride, got SO SO lost in the corn maze (I was grateful for the bag of kettle corn we had purchased in case we never found the exit), and picked pumpkins in the crisp, fall evening air.

Spending the night in Topeka, this lazy Sunday has consisted of church, pancakes and football; exactly what I like.

These weekends and memories with these people I’ve grown close to I completely owe to K-State and I could not be more in debt. The times that have passed and have yet to come are so valuable and unique and I wouldn’t trade them or my new family for the world.


6 Picks: Clubs

I am the proud VP of Circle K at K-State. I love this organization because it is small enough that I know all other members well. Everyone has lots of voice in the activities we do. Our pillars are Service, Leadership, and Fellowship. For me this means I get to serve our community, grow as a person, and make friends with some amazing people. We are sponsored by both local Kiwanis groups and I have felt welcomed by them since Week of Welcome 2012 when they held a picnic in City Park for students. They have helped Manhattan become my home. For more information check out our website (http://circlekksu.wix.com/circleksu) and follow us on Twitter (@KSUCircleK).


Obviously involvement on campus and in the community has a huge impact so here at 6 things to remember when making the decision to join a group this fall:

1) Productivity- Look for a club that actually DOES things. It sounds obvious, but “in name only” clubs don’t provide the same kind of experience.

2)Passion- There are plenty of options, find one that connects with a passion you have. If you love kids, look for a group that interacts with kids or serves them in their mission. If you enjoy being outdoors, there are clubs for that as well!

3)Play- Clubs are supposed to be fun. If you aren’t enjoying being involved, suggest some “team building” kind of activities your group can do. Bowling, bonfires, ice cream socials, movie nights, pumpkin carving, and pre-game dinners have helped me get to know people from organizations better.

4) Personal Development- Choose an organization that can help you grow. Leadership roles can teach you lessons and give you great experience, but so can being a participant! Get as much out of you can and learn as much as you can from your peers. If your group has a great website designer, have them show you the ropes.

5) PUSH- As in PUSH yourself outside your comfort zone. Join one club simply because you don’t know much about the subject area. Don’t be afraid of the “commitment” especially if the club is free, if it doesn’t work out there won’t be hard feelings. Another way to branch out is to attend Union Program Council events. Last fall I went to a bunch of movies in Spanish (with English subtitles) at the Union for free and I enjoyed all of them.

6)Pride- Do something that ties you to K-State and the Riley County communities. Do something you are proud to brag about in an interview or in calls to your grandparents. If you think a club is “stupid” you won’t get anything out of it.

Get Involved!


Two Weeks Left :(

I’m coming down to the wire of my first semester at K-State, and I’m so sad that it’s almost over. This means that I only have 7 semesters left! All my classes are winding down, and Winter Break is approaching quickly.

I had a fun Thanksgiving Break- ate waaaay too much and got to relax a little. I had a huge project due in Leadership right when I got back. There was a big paper to write and a 20 minute presentation. After that and a test in Honors Ag Econ, I was pretty much done with my classwork until finals. I won the election for External Philanthropy Chairman of my fraternity, so I’ll be working with others to get my house more involved in community service.  I’ve got two finals coming up this week (so much for dead week), and I’ve got two finals next week. In high school, I couldn’t wait to get a few weeks off from school. But, now that I’m not going to be in Manhattan for a month, I don’t know what I’m going to do with myself! I’m planning on making at least one trip down to Texas to see my family over break, but hopefully I’m going to make another one in January to see the Cats play in the Cotton Bowl!  They won their last game of the season on a cold, rainy Saturday.  I was kind of upset that we didn’t get to go to a BCS Bowl; they just had no love for the Big 12 this year. I can’t wait for the bowl though, it’s going to be a huge game.  GO CATS!

A Trip Home

I got the opportunity to head home for a day this weekend. I spent Saturday afternoon sitting in my basement with my dad watching the Wildcats play! Nothing feels better than getting away from the stress of college and going home for a bit! Plus usually when I head back to Manhattan, my mom hands me a few baked goods which my fraternity definitely enjoys. Those muffins were gone in 20 minutes! While I love being in Manhattan and rarely want to leave, the rare weekends at home are weekends I cherish.


I’m back in Manhattan after being in Kansas City for the weekend, and it’s great to be back! I came home after our first game; it was a close one, but we pulled it off in the end. I had such a great time in the student section! We got there really early, so we ended up sitting in the second row and getting on the JumboTron several times! Fortunately, I’m typing this instead of trying to speak it, because I definitely lost my voice with about seven minutes left in the game. Although I’ve been having a great time in Manhattan, I was ready to be home for a couple days. I’ve missed my family and my dog, Roxie! I’ll leave you with the thought of Collin Klein’s game-winning 34 yard touchdown pass; GO CATS!