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Home is Where the Heart is

Homecoming has come to a finish for the 99th year.  The Wildcats won 23-0 against Texas and the weather was perfect.  This year’s overall homecoming theme was K-State Coast to Coast.  It represented the journey across the nation to K-State and how we have “family” across the nation and around the world.  12 Greek Pairings, 4 Residence Life Pairings and 17 Student Organizations participated in the week’s events.

The week kicked off with the annual 5K Run/Walk with almost 900 participants.  Sunday ended with Pant the Chant at Bramlage Coliseum in which Greek Pairings and Student Organizations competed in a contest similar to a step-show.  Tuesday brought Paint the ‘Ville and Wildcat Request Live to Bramlage Coliseum.  Paint the ‘Ville is a competition where participants receive a window within Aggieville and have 7 hours to paint a picture on it according with the Homecoming theme.  Wildcat Request Live is a talent show in which Greek Pairings create a dance routine to a song of their choice incorporating their theme for the week.  Thursday, hundreds of little ghouls and goblins came to the K-State Student Union to take part in the Children’s Carnival which is co-sponsored by the Union Program Council. Each group participating sets up a booth in which children from the community can do some fun and creative activity and usually receive a prize.  The Children’s Carnival theme for this year was Party in the U.S.A.  The parade made its way through Manhattan on Friday evening followed by the pep rally where the winners of Homecoming were announced.  The overall winners for 2014 include Kappa Kappa Gamma, Pi Kappa Alpha, Pi Kappa Phi and Phi Beta Sigma in the Greek division, Strong, Moore and Smurthwaite in the Residence Life division and Men’s Crew in the Student Organization division.  The Cats played an amazing game against Texas on Saturday morning and came out victorious.  I took the picture below on the field during the second quarter.

Serving on the Homecoming committee was a great honor for myself and an even greater way to serve the K-State community.  I would encourage everyone to apply to be on the committee in future years.


For more information on the Homecoming results from 2014 visit any of the following:

Homecoming Week

Homecoming for K-State was a couple weeks ago, and I’ve been waiting on some pictures to highlight some of the awesome activities that went on!  This year’s theme was Wildcat Adventure!

Sunday was the start of homecoming week with the Annual Philanthropy 5K race, and as always, some guys from my house dressed up crazily and got to the front of the line for the race!

5k.jpg(Getting ready to run)

Monday was the Pant the Chant competition.  This is where 60-80 people from each pairing join together to stomp and yell their hearts out!  It’s a lot of fun to watch, and it’s amazing how well everyone did!

PTC.jpg(My house’s PTC performance)

Tuesday was Paint the ‘Ville, a competition between the groupings to see who can paint a window of a shop in Aggieville the best.

Paint the ville.jpg(Our window)

Wednesday was Wildcat Request Live, a creative dance competition.  Each house had to choreograph their own dance and get around twenty people to perform it in front of everyone in Bramlage Coliseum!  Here’s a cool link to watch some of the highlights on YouTube!

Thursday was the Children’s Carnival.  It’s a fun opportunity for local Manhattan kids to come dress up and play carnival games for candy and prizes!

Children's Carnival.jpg(Putting like a pro!)

Friday was the Parade around Manhattan, and the Pep Rally.  Tons of local people come out to watch us show our floats!  We walked from the Mall, through Aggieville, and ended up at City Park where the Pep Rally was held.  That’s where we found out who won each competition, and got to hear Bill Snyder speak!

PART_1351654724046.jpg(Our Float)

Saturday was the  Homecoming Game against Texas Tech- another big win for the still undefeated #2 ranked Wildcats!  The winners of the All-University Student Ambassadors were announced, and I’m proud to say that my good friend Tyler Johnson won the male spot!

Ambassadors.jpg(Jordan and Tyler, our new Ambassadors)

A Month Into Sophomore Year!

I can’t believe it; I’ve already been back in Manhattan for almost an entire month!  I’ve been having a blast, but it seems like I was just getting back from Summer Break last week.  With everything that’s been going on the past few weeks I haven’t managed to sleep or workout very much at all, and to make matters worse there’s a cold going around the house right now!  I’m taking my vitamins though; now would be a bad time for me to get sick.  We had our first date party on Friday night after a week of awesome brotherhood activities at the house!  Unfortunately due to the weather, our Hawaiian themed night couldn’t be held outside.  We ended up going to a really cool karaoke bar and having a great time though!

Slab.jpg (A Fraternity brother of mine and our awesome dates!)

The Cats did it again this week, with a crucial victory on Saturday afternoon!  Collin Klein played incredible; he even won ESPN’s Big 12 Player of the Week Award.  After some teams in front of us lost this week, we jumped up to the #15 spot in the nation!  We’ve got a really tough schedule this year and some really big shoes to fill from last year’s team, but Bill Snyder and the Wildcats are looking like a real powerhouse after the first two games!  Unfortunately we could only manage to get third row seats for this game, but it was still a great game to be at.

Greek Intramural Games start up this week- our first football game is tonight, and our first soccer game is Wednesday night!  It’s a ton of fun participating and watching intramural sports; I think my house has got a good shot at winning it all this year!  Homecoming activities are sure to be starting up pretty soon; the theme this year is “Adventure”.  Organizations, responsibilities, and schoolwork are all keeping me busy as ever!  I’ll leave you with a link to a YouTube video that shows my cool adventure on the field of Bill Snyder Memorial Stadium at the first game!

Happy Halloween…

It’s a real happy Halloween when you have to pull another all-nighter… You may realize that I’m posting this at 6 in the morning.  This is because I just finished a huge project and studied for a test, and I’m still hyped up on energy drinks.  Why do I have to be such a procrastinator?!  In all seriousness though, it was a great weekend.  Homecoming week finished off on Friday with the parade and pep rally.  My fraternity and our partners placed second overall!  Unfortunately, the Cats lost their first game, but we still celebrated Halloween on Saturday.  There were a lot of really creative costumes!  On Sunday, I caught up on some sleep, and I got a lot checked off my list of things to do.

I’ve been meaning to post some pictures from the past couple weeks, so here goes:

321254_10150360639759627_507024626_8007258_67200729_n.jpg My Leadership Group with Willie!Pumpkins.jpg People working hard to carve pumpkins at our function!

Float.jpg   Our amazing Homecoming float!

Homecoming 2011!

Pomping. The mere mention of this dreadful word makes me shudder. If any of you have the pleasure of not knowing what this activity is, I will explain. Pomping is the act of shoving small pieces of tissue paper into wire in order to make a sweet float. It is one of the most tedious, monotonous activities I have ever taken part in. After several hours, it all comes together and ends up looking pretty good, if I may say so myself.

Dear friends…last week may have been the one of the craziest week of my life. As a member of the Greek community here at K-State, I became very involved with all of the various activities happening. Even though it was busy, it was incredibly fun.

Here’s a clip of my house’s Wildcat Request Live performance!

We didn’t win..but we still had fun. It’s SO refreshing to have a little free time this week. Homecoming 2012..watch out.

xoxo, ellen