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Digging For Inspiration


This is a little bit of a guilty pleasure confession. Last semester it was bacon cheddar cheese crackers, but now it is┬ámotivational content on the internet. So yes, I am now one of those people that read inspirational quotes and listen to recorded seminars given by motivational speakers. Continue reading “Digging For Inspiration”

When the going gets tough

Although I’m at the happiest campus in the nation, studying a subject I absolutely love, surrounded by incredible mentors and friends, and in the midst of Wildcat Football season—there are times when I really want to just curl up in a unproductive, pathetic ball and hibernate for a few weeks. To be candid, returning back to the school grind for the third year has lost a little of its luster. Here are three reminders that I keep in my toolbox that have been getting me through:

You’re not alone.
Every college student goes through droughts of motivation. Don’t let the perceived success and happiness of others make you feel inadequate! Keep pushing through, and either find comfort in knowing that there are others feeling the same, or derive inspiration from those who seem to attack apathy with vigor and persistence. Ask those who seem successful what they do, and try it for yourself.

Find your happy place.
Mine involves most places with puppies or large bodies of water. You wanna know the great thing? It doesn’t have to be an actual physical place! Your happy place is anything that re-energizes you, takes your mind off of stress, or simply helps you be you. For some, it means going on a long run. For others (me), it could be eating chocolate. Regardless of what it takes—seek out your happy place, and know where to access it when you’ve hit a brick wall.

Don’t be too hard on yourself.
Sometimes you bite off a little more than you can chew. Sometimes you underestimate how much preparation you need before an important presentation. Sometimes you spill coffee all over yourself and don’t have time to fix it. Remind yourself that despite what your mother might have told you, sometimes, you are simply human. Think about what you can learn from your mistakes and promise next time, you’ll do a little better.

These are great for me, but what are your vices for dealing with those times you run into personal obstacles? Feel free to share—I’m always seeking inspiration. For now, I’m off to indulge in a sea of Accounting homework. (You can find me in Hale trying to take my own advice.)

xoxo, ellen