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So You Don’t Know What to do With Your Life…



Don’t have the rest of your life planned out to the minute? It’s okay. Read on to learn about my experience with coming to K-State with an Open Option major and how it benefited me.

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Group Blog: Thankful for K-State

Photo credit: Matt Zajic
Photo credit: Matt Zajic

As we wrap up Thanksgiving weekend and get back to the hustle and bustle of work and classes, we pause to give thanks to the forces in our lives that truly move us. For our dedicated bloggers, one of those prime movers is K-State. Read on to learn why our bloggers are thankful for their alma mater!





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Graduation: Full Speed Ahead!

I cannot believe it. I am in shock. When did this happen!? Graduation is less than two months away. On Saturday, December 8th at 9:00 AM I will be filing into my seat to receive my diploma from K-State. Needless to say, the realization that this big event is sneaking up on me is an understatement. Although I am excited to begin the next stage in my life, I feel like I have so much to complete the next two months. Luckily, K-State hosted a Graduation Fair in the K-State Student Union Bookstore yesterday and today. This afternoon I was able to sit down with someone and go through all of my options for ordering invitations, thank you notes, my cap and gown, etc. I was so thankful to have a real person taking the time to sit down with me and decrease the stress associated with such a big event. Before I knew it, I could check those tedious tasks off my list! It was such a relief to know that from start to finish K-State had someone there to help me out. I can honestly say there has not been a time during my K-State career where a helping hand was not offered. All I need to do now is send out my invitations (once they arrive) and try to find a warm but cute outfit to wear under my gown. December 8th, I’m ready for you!