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So You Don’t Know What to do With Your Life…



Don’t have the rest of your life planned out to the minute? It’s okay. Read on to learn about my experience with coming to K-State with an Open Option major and how it benefited me.

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Changing Seasons

Over the past week, an unmistakable change has taken place in Manhattan: the temperatures are more bearable, I briefly used the heat in my car for the first time in months, and students have started to wear jackets between class. Yep, fall is here—finally! While I often say that I think it’d be incredible to live somewhere where the highs reach the mid-70s each and every day, I truly enjoy the change of the seasons we have here in Manhattan.

Through my years at K-State, I feel like I’ve moved through a number of “season changes” of my own—and I know many students can relate. When I came to K-State as an 18-year-old, I was determined to get good grades. And by “determined,” I mean I studied all the time—never mind that I was in freshman level classes and was meeting a number of incredible people through my fraternity, Quest Freshman Honorary, and Student Government. The whole “relationships are important” thing just didn’t quite click for a while.

Midway through my sophomore year, I went through my first “season change.” I was elected to a position on the Interfraternity Council (IFC) and asked to serve as the campaign manager for one of the Student Body President/Vice-President tickets. Suddenly, campus involvement was my life—did my G.P.A. really matter THAT much?

Fortunately, as my junior year began, the realization that “balance is important” finally hit me—as if people hadn’t been telling me so for years.  Cue another season change. Over the past year, I think I’ve done a decent job of balancing classwork, leadership on campus, and—most importantly—the friends I have around me. As I continue to move through my first senior year (and eagerly look toward my second), I’m excited to see what season changes lie ahead—there’s a lot of my K-State story yet to write, and I look forward to the journey!

So as the scorching days of summer draw to an end and intramural games, planning for Homecoming and test preparation begin to dominate my schedule, I’m reminded of the novelty of living in Manhattan, where we can experience ALL the seasons—both literally and figuratively!