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Fall Semester Photo Recap


The semester is over, I walked out of my last class this Friday and it felt so surreal that I am now five semesters down and only three to go. Time flies when you are having fun, time truly flies when you are at Kansas State. Here’s a recap of my Fall semester in photos. Continue reading “Fall Semester Photo Recap”

A place I know full well: My 6 favorite spots in Manhattan

After spending 3.5 years in the best college town in the country (Read about it, it’s true), here are my favorite places in Manhattan, Kansas!

img_0015The Konza Prairie is breath-taking, peaceful, and not too difficult of a hike for us amateurs. If you have friends who don’t think Kansas is beautiful, take them here.

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The Land of Oz (also known as my heaven)

Growing up I LOVED Wizard of Oz. Like I mean wore-the-blue-checkered-dress-all-day-every-day, watched-the-movie-on-repeat and had-a-wizard-of-oz-themed-birthday-party kind of love.

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Do what you love and you will never have to work a day in your life

I love what I do, and I feel really grateful that I can say that. That thought made me think even more about why it is I am yet to dread anything I do and unlike a lot of people I do not have any miserable tasks hanging over my head. This is an “explore as you write” kind of blog-post where I just threw a random thought or feeling onto my laptop screen and at this point I do not even know where I am going with this.

Is it that I find the silver lining in everything? Is it that I am too easily entertained? (I would put my money on that.) Or is it that I coincidentally have a knack for everything I do? (I would NOT put any money on that- at all.) Continue reading “Do what you love and you will never have to work a day in your life”

Manhattan: More Than Football

I found myself in a dilemma last Friday. I had a whole weekend off from work and school and nothing to do. My family offered to come see me which is no small feat considering the drive here takes 8 hours. I found myself wondering if we should just meet somewhere, since there wasn’t even a football game on Saturday. As I was mapping out possible options I got an alert from Twitter on my phone. One of my favorite shops in Manhattan was hosting a special event over the weekend. Then, I felt a wave of guilt rush over me.

Manhattan is much more than a football town. Even when there isn’t a game on Saturday, there is plenty to do here. I pulled out my K-State bucket list that I made freshman year. I still haven’t made it inside Sunset Zoo. I haven’t checked out the Manhattan Art Center or Nichols Theater though I have seen a few performances at McCain on campus. I have been to the Flint Hills Discovery Center and the Beach (The Marianna Kistler Beach Museum of Art) on campus but both had new exhibits that I hadn’t had time to go see yet. The Riley County Historical Society is very active but I have never been to the Riley County History Museum although it is near the Honors House. After all, it’s good to know the history of the buildings you see and the roads you walk down. Best of all, I didn’t know that some of these options are free or have reduced fees for students. For under $10 (including the Sonic drink on the way) I could spend hours out and about in the community. Best of all, these places were family friendly!

Over the weekend my family and I did lots of arts and crafts in my apartment and also took time to go the Flint Hills Discovery Center, Riley County History Museum (free), and the Beach (free). My family also went bowling while I did homework. We had bikes out ready to take a ride on the Linear Trail around town but it was a little soggy and cloudy so we postponed that and the hike on the Konza until next time. I learned that my family’s membership to the Field Museum in Chicago got them free entry to the Discovery Center because they reciprocate membership. In fact, there are science centers and museums around the world which offer either complete reciprocal membership or a free entry/discounted entry.

Some places I forget about are the parks and recreation options the city offers. For example, did you know City Park Pool has a lazy river and a surf simulator? Even just on campus we have the Beach, bowling and recreation in the Union, the Insect Zoo and Gardens. Tuttle Creek Park has cabins for those families who want to make their trip to Manhattan a vacation from the hustle and bustle. One thing I wish we had time for last weekend was visiting some of the local agritourism sites that have fresh dairy products for sale or offer a pumpkin patch and other fall activities. I also wished I had budgeted some time to go shopping with Mom down off Poyntz because we have both boutiques and the mall. The longer I live here and the more I learn about all this town has to offer, the more proud I am to call it home.

For more information on events and attractions in Manhattan, I have included the following links:




Back to Reality

I remember when I was little, before I started school, my friends were all within walking distance. We played outside together. Soon enough we walked to grade school together, talk about Freedom. Then, we got older and schedules were busier. Cars and cell phones replaced walking to school. In high school I was a solid 20-30 min car ride from most of my friends and I only saw them during the day at school. I expected college to be the same way.

It’s not the same. One of my favorite things about college is how once again I can take a short walk and see my friends, no matter what time it is. Either around the corner or just down the street, it’s very convenient. I have even seen people walking friends to class with a cup of coffee when they don’t have to be on campus. It’s normal to just spend time with people again or to start up a conversation with someone at Hale or the Union. That’s what I miss about Manhattan this summer. I miss it because I went home.

I came home for the summer and was back in a place where communication is Facebook, Twitter, and texting. Occasionally a FaceTime, Skype, or a phone call spices things up. My friends now aren’t just all over town, they are all over the country and all over the  globe.

I am thankful I get to spend this summer with my family (including my dog) because I do miss them when I am away, but I am also thankful that my Wildcat Family will be meeting me in Manhattan this August with open arms.

Hope y’all are having a great summer wherever you are!

To Do While in College: Road Trips!

Many of my friends know that I love to travel, so it’s no surprise that one of my favorite aspects of college thus far has been the road trips I’ve gotten to go on. It seems like some of the most fun, random, and at-times ridiculous things occur on road trips – whether driving in a larger city or discovering a “forgotten” small town somewhere along the way. Road trips aren’t just for finding a good laugh though; I believe they also provide an awesome opportunity to get to know individuals better, turning acquaintances into friends.

During my time in college, I’ve gone on several road trips, and made a lot of memories in the process. As a part of my fraternity, I’ve gotten to go all sorts of places: to a leadership conferences in Kansas City, to a convention in Ohio, to another fraternity chapter in Illinois, and on our annual ski trip to Colorado. As a part of my involvement in Student Governing Association, I got to travel to Washington, D.C., last Spring Break to attend a meeting with the leaders of the other student governments from around the Big XII. And of course, I can’t forget about one of the most fun reasons to hit the road: K-State sporting events. This year, I attended the K-State v. Iowa State football game in Ames, Iowa and I’ve gone to various other basketball and football games on the road.

Wherever I’ve been, I’ve had fun with the K-Staters I’ve traveled with, and at sporting events in particular, the “wildcat spirit” has made me feel like I’m at home in Manhattan, no matter how far we’ve gone. Road trips are memorable, and college schedules often afford one the opportunity to go on several of them. So get a car, grab some K-State friends, and head out on the open road! You’ll be glad you did.


Home For Thanksgiving

Being away from K-State always has a way of reminding me just what it is I love most about my time in Manhattan – what it is that has made my experience so far at K-State so incredible. While K-State provides a number of awesome services to students and opportunities to get involved, when I’m away from campus it becomes clear that it’s the relationships with the people I’ve met in college that I miss the most. Sure, K-State’s campus is beautiful, my classes this semester are engaging, and I enjoy the activities I’m involved with, but if it wasn’t for the “people aspect,” my K-State experience would not be complete.

When I left high school and set off for college (making the lengthy 35 mile drive to Manhattan!), I somehow doubted I’d be exposed to individuals who would one day become some of my best friends. Fortunately, my doubts about college friend-making at K-State were erased within weeks! While I still maintain a number of my high school friendships, I’ve been lucky to meet a number of awesome individuals at K-State. What do they all have in common? They value relationships and the people around them. In fact, I’d go as far as to say that the biggest lessons I’ve learned at K-State are the true value of relationships and the importance of putting in the time to get to know those around me.

I see examples of this unique attention to relationships on K-State’s campus daily. From my former academic advisor who still offers to assist me whenever needed to the numerous members of my fraternity willing to do nearly anything for each other, it’s a fact about our university that is impossible to ignore. The bottom line? K-State has taught me the importance of relationships. As I enjoy a break at home for the next few days, I hope to live out that principle while spending time with my family. I’ve experienced firsthand the fulfillment of knowing others well, and I’ll never be the same because of it.