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Wrapping Up The Year

As another semester quickly comes to an end, it’s important to reflect on both the highs and the lows.  It’s been a great semester and an incredible Sophomore year all together.  I can’t believe that I’m almost halfway done with college; it’s so surreal!  I sound like a parent or something, but I feel like it was just yesterday when I was at Summer Orientation enrolling in classes for my Freshman year.  Time flies by so fast in college; it’s as if I just blinked and two years have gone by!  There’s been ups and downs throughout my time at K-State, but I’ve got three important things I’ve learned from them that might help you out:

1. Enjoy your time in college, but try to balance fun and school work.  It’s easy to get caught up in all of the fun things that K-State has to offer; it’s important to remember why you are here though.  Getting all your responsibilities and schoolwork taken care of should always come first, but don’t forget to reward yourself for accomplishing your work.  Too much fun can lead to poor academic performance, and too much work can drive you crazy!  Finding the balance that’s right for you is a key to success in college.

2. You’re not alone — there are over 24,000 students here at K-State, and that means that there’s got to be people here that are going through the same thing you are.  Whether you’re stressed about a class, trying to find someone to talk to, or trying to get involved with something, there’s resources out there available to you.  The teachers, faculty, and K-State student body as a whole are collectively the best bunch of people you’ll ever meet.  The community here is unlike anywhere else, and everyone here truly cares about your well-being.  Joining a fraternity or sorority is a great way to become instantly plugged in to K-State and a guaranteed way to find people with similar interests to your own!

3. Get involved!  Academics are the reason you’re in college, but involvement is what really makes your experience meaningful.  It doesn’t matter what you get involved in either!  There are literally hundreds of student organizations you can become a part of, and there’s something out there for everyone.  Whether it’s a leadership role in your house or residence hall, joining the Sky-Diving Club or the Harry Potter Alliance on campus, playing intramural sports, or anything else, you’ll never regret trying something out.  It’s important not to get too involved and become over-committed (like how I feel sometimes), because that can really burn you out and interfere with your academic performance.  However, my college experience has been truly fulfilling so far largely due to the organizations I’ve been a part of.

I hope you find those tips helpful in your future or current college endeavors!  I should probably catch you all up on what’s been going on with my life too.  Since my last post I’ve finalized my schedule for next semester, continued training for my teaching position, completed the Professional Advantage Program for the year by attending some really interesting lectures, assisted with our new philanthropy – Miss K-State (we raised over $3500 for the Global Service Initiative!), got an A on a Finance 450 test(!!!!!), saw my fraternity brother perform at Sunset Revival and went to a sorority formal in the same night, attended the Spring Football Game (Jake Waters v. Daniel Sams), and started and selected members for the new Honors Ambassadors Program.  It’s been so busy but so fun too!  This week is dead week, and I think it might actually be pretty dead for me for once.  The week after this is Finals Week, and then it’s Summer Break!  I might be staying in Manhattan for part of the Summer, but I’m not sure yet.  Be sure to check back; I’m going to post a picture of the girl I helped with Miss K-State and myself!

Spring Break, New Updates, Enrollment, & More!

It’s been a while since my last post, because I have hardly been able to sit down and catch my breath for the past several weeks!  I’ll start with Spring Break – what an incredible time!  I went skiing in Colorado with three of my Fraternity brothers for most of the week, and it was soooo much fun!  The snow was great, and it was a lot of fun spending all that time with my friends.  I also got to go back to KC for a few days; I really enjoyed seeing my family and Roxie since I hadn’t been home all semester.  It was right back to the grind once I got back from Spring Break, but that was a much needed vacation!  Since then, I’ve had boat-loads of meetings, a couple tests, and a couple papers due.  I started training for being a Student Teacher next semester, got into Business Ambassadors, and became the President of Chimes Junior Honorary!  It’s looking like I’m going to have a really busy Fall Semester — surprise…

I enrolled in my classes for next semester today!  I came in to K-State with a bunch of credits from Johnson County Community College, so I get to enroll sooner than a lot of my classmates.  A tip for everyone during enrollment — enroll as soon as you possibly can!  You can set up your schedule before you enroll to make sure you get the times and teachers that you want, and then all you have to do is click a button when your time comes and you’re golden!  I’m taking a nice variety of classes next semester: Leadership, English, Management, and Accounting.  I’m going to have one class on Mondays, three classes on Tuesdays/Thursdays, and no classes on Wednesdays/Fridays!  I’ll probably end up teaching on Fridays, but this was the first time that I’ve had Fridays off.  I think next semester is going to be another good one here at K-State, and I’m really looking forward to it!  I’ll leave you with some cool pictures from my trip to Colorado.

IMAG0269.jpg Relaxin’ at the top of a cliff!


Incredible view of the mountains!

What A Month!

As I’ve often said before, time literally never slows down!  The past two weeks I’ve had: three tests, two papers, countless meetings, Silver Key selections, two date parties, more meetings, three interviews, and Fake Patty’s Day!  The tests went pretty well; the meetings were mostly for Silver Key and the Professional Advantage Program; the date parties were a ton of fun; the interviews were nerve wracking (I made it into Chimes!); and Fake Patty’s Day was a blast!  As always, my sleep schedule is waaaay off – I think I might be nocturnal…  I’m still waiting to hear back from Business Ambassadors and the Peer Teaching job, but I think I’ve got a good shot at both!  Fake Patty’s Day is a Manhattan tradition where we celebrate St. Patrick’s Day a week early since we’ll all be on Spring Break for the actual holiday.  Hundreds if not thousands of people come visit for a whole day of fun, and it was great seeing a lot of my friends that go to different colleges.  Yesterday we had our New Member Retreat for Silver Key.  It was a chance to help the new members get to know each other better and find out what the organization is really about.

I’ve got one more test this week and a few meetings, but Spring Break starts on Friday!  It’s crazy to think that we’re halfway through the semester; I feel like I just got back from Winter Break.  It will be good to be home for a few days to see my family and Roxie, and then I’m headed to Colorado to go skiing with some of my Fraternity brothers.  I can’t wait for the trip; I know it’s going to be a lot of fun!  I’ll leave you with a great picture of my date and I at her Sorority’s Formal!

Formal.jpgRocking the bow tie!

Snow Day!

As if the semester didn’t start off busy enough for me, it just keeps getting busier!  My calender for the month of February literally has four days without any meetings/tests/interviews/etc.  I found out this past week that I didn’t get into Student Foundation which was a major bummer.  It was an honor to get an interview though; it’s probably one of the hardest organizations to get involved in at K-State.  We had one of our last Silver Key meetings last week, and our last event was today at the Meadowlark Retirement Community.  We got to go play board games, decorate cookies, and dance with some of the people that live there!  I met a 100 year-old lady today that has lived in Manhattan her whole life!  Can you imagine the changes she’s seen over the years in this city?? I had my first test of the semester last week in Finance 450, and let’s just say I need to study harder for the next one…  We had a snow day last Thursday after getting like a foot of snow, and it was awesome having the day off!

Anderson.jpg A cool picture of snow-covered Anderson Hall!


Today was my interview for Chimes Junior Honorary.  I was pretty nervous about it and it was tough, but hopefully I’ll find out if I made it in the next week or so.  The interview process for Silver Key started today as well; we’ve got one hundred incredibly qualified individuals to sort through and narrow down to forty.  I’ve got another busy week coming up, including two tests on Monday, lots of Silver Key interviews, a Soaring with Eagles Reunion, the Business Career Fair, a meeting with an assistant to the Athletic Director, two applications due, and more!  I’d better get back to studying, seeing as how my test is in about six hours — until next time!

Spring Fever

The semester is still going great!  I’ve been keeping busy with Silver Key, class projects and assignments, more applications, meetings with advisers and other students, and and trying to get some sleep for a change!  I just found out that I was selected to be one of the Board Members of the new Honors Program Committee.  I’m really excited about the opportunity to help the Honors Program recruit new members, maintain current members, and benefit the program as a whole.  I also have been accepted into the Wellsgates Scholar Program, and invited to be a part of the Golden Key International Honor Society.  I’m not entirely sure what those two organizations entail, but I’m looking forward to finding out more about what it means to be a part of them both.  I should be hearing about some of the other programs, committees, scholarships, and positions that I’ve been applying for the past several weeks, so I’ll be sure to let you know what I find out!

With the help of my adviser, I’ve determined what classes I need to take next semester.  I’ve selected the professors and times of classes that I’m going to take next fall, but I haven’t enrolled yet; when you can enroll is based on the number of credit hours you have.  Since I came in with enough credit hours to technically be a Sophomore, I’ll be able to enroll a lot earlier than many of the students in my age.  Hopefully that will allow me to be in all the classes that I want to, and if it does, I’m going to have a sweet schedule!  No classes on Fridays, keeping my fingers crossed!

Crazy Times!

So much for being able to catch my breath!  I’ve been sooo busy ever since I got back from Winter Break.  I’ve already written a few papers, moved rooms and settled in at the house, bought all my books and materials for school, given a couple speeches in Honors Public Speaking, applied for like a hundred clubs and scholarships, had a few quizzes and a test, been to an awesome date party (see below), cheered on the Cats in the Octagon of Doom a few times, fulfilled a some of my duties as the External Philanthropy Chairman of my house, attended several meetings including one with Dr. Bosco, started a few big group projects for classes, planned my Spring Break trip to Colorado, caught up on my laundry and shopping, eaten Jimmy John’s waaay too many times, made a bunch of new friends, managed to sleep for a few hours every once in a while, and I’m about to be initiated into my house! – Just to name a few things….

The KU game is coming up this Monday; I can’t wait to be there, and Valentines Day is the day after that!  Not to mention, I’ve got a never ending to-do list of upcoming events, tests, and responsibilities.  It’s looking like I’m going to have another super busy semester, but I’m still having the time of my life!

Date Party.jpg

My Girlfriend and I looking nerdy at the “Back to School” Date Party