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Beginner’s Survival Kit


Palms sweaty? Knees weak? Arms heavy? Well, that is okay, you do not have to know much to start. Being an expert in anything is all about putting in time, making mistakes, and being curious. Today I felt like writing about every time I was super nervous about starting something I have never done before, and how that nervousness is sooner rather than later replaced with confidence. Continue reading “Beginner’s Survival Kit”

Spring is here – at least sort of!

Hey K-State Family!

It may still be freezing outside, but the spring semester is upon us at K-State! Fun fact about me: I love the spring semester. In my fraternity, it’s recruitment season, and we switch our focus to the next set of new members. On campus, it’s “application season,” with a number of campus organizations having membership drives and holding interviews. Preparations for K-State’s largest student-led, campus-wide philanthropy, K-State PROUD, are revving up, and the spirit of helping fellow students is contagious. Finally, it’s Student Governing Association Election season, and campus will soon be covered by the banners and colors of various candidates seeking office.

Like I said, I love the spring semester. Even more though, I love the beginnings of semesters. I’ve mentioned before my affinity for fresh starts and goal-setting. The opportunity to improve upon my performance last semester in a number of areas really excites me – yeah, I know I’m freakin’ weird! As I begin this semester, a quote I read recently stands out to me:

“Nothing so conclusively proves a man’s ability to lead others as what he does from day to day to lead himself.” -Thomas J. Watson, Sr.

Many of you may have heard this quote before. It stands out to me because of the focus it places on the relationship between external leadership – of others – and internal leadership – of oneself. In college so far, I’ve gotten a couple of opportunities to lead my peers. As I do so, it’s good to remember the importance of leading my own life well if I’m to influence those around me in a positive way.

My goals this semester reflect my desire to lead myself – and consequently, others – in this manner: I want to be disciplined academically and spiritually (and as I study for the LSAT in June – LOTS of discipline will be needed for this one). I want to exercise adequately, work hard in the organizations I’ve involved in, and make time for the relationships I have that make everything worthwhile. Leading myself well each and everyday will be worth it, and I invite you to follow along this semester on my blog!

– Eli