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So You Don’t Know What to do With Your Life…



Don’t have the rest of your life planned out to the minute? It’s okay. Read on to learn about my experience with coming to K-State with an Open Option major and how it benefited me.

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New Year Resolutions

I love firsts and beginnings and when things are new. It’s an opportunity to start fresh. This school year, I have some goals in mind.

1) Go to The Rec 3x a week or more– The number of times I went last year is slightly shamefuly low. I need to better utilize on-campus resources and this is a great place to start.

2) Hike the long trail at Konza– Simply for the view, I think this is worth the effort. I want to see everything nature has to offer me and I always feel like I have to cut my hike short.

3) DON’T EAT OUT for a week– This means not even Sonic Happy Hour, Call Hall Ice Cream, Cox Bros. BBQ, OrangeLeaf, PurpleSwirl, or Varsity Donut. I hope the financial reward is worth the mental torture.

4) Pick a Major– ACIC, CES, and meetings with my academic advisor will help me with this process.

5) Be the best Blogger I can be– I’m not even sure what this means yet, but I’m excited!

Do you have any resolutions for the new school year? If so, comment below!

Best Wishes!