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Beyond The Football Game

Tailgate outside Bill Snyder Family Stadium. K-State vs Texas Tech. 10.8.16

For a while since I’ve moved back to Manhattan I had not fully understood football or the experience around a football game. I had not grown up watching the sport so I did not know enough about it. Well, having been at K-State for a while now and given how much everyone around town gets excited about the football program here, I could not help but get on the bandwagon -and to be honest, it has been a fun ride. So here are three things I learned being a K-State football fan. Continue reading “Beyond The Football Game”

Guide to Move In Day

Are you moving into the Residence Halls next month?

Here is a guide prepared by Housing and Dining Services that tells you EVERYTHING you need to know. (http://housing.k-state.edu/pdfs/housing/ResourceGuide-Web.pdf)

There is a list of everything to pack, a list of things not to bring, directions, parking information, and a complete run down of how move in day will go. Along the left-hand side there is also a list of important dates that you may want to throw on your calendar. Your parents may also greatly appreciate this information!

I went school supply shopping today and used the recommended list from the guide as a jumping off point. I found myself searching for the purple version of everything. I also use an excessive amount of sticky notes and I color code everything. Anyways, I know that preparing to go back to school is always at least a little stressful. Don’t let the stress get in the way of the excitement!

I know last year when I moved in I got very frustrated because I wanted to do everything MY way and I felt my parents were trying to tell me how to unpack and organize my stuff. Now I realize they were only trying to help, and that they were nervous too. My advice to families and their students moving in is to be appreciative and supportive. Look for the positive things before getting upset with one another. Students, you can change which drawer holds your pencils after Mom and Dad leave and they will never know. Parents, your student is trying to reassure you by showing you that they can do all of this even after you leave.

See you soon!


(Countdown to 1st Day of Class for Fall 2013: 32 days!)

Plethora of Purple

I LOVE GAME WEEK!! Nothing is better than walking on campus during the opening week of football season and being surrounded by a purple sea of students! When I visited K-State for the first time I was shocked at the amount of purple people wore. Now that I have been at K-State, I have had to create a new drawer for only purple shirts! My friends that go to different schools think it is strange that purple is a permanent part of my wardrobe, but I love it! I can’t wait to join the plethora of purple clad students this Saturday at Bill Snyder Family Stadium! I smell a wildcat victory on the way!!!