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Cats for Change: Adopting a Healthy Life Style

Picture by Nicollette Caselman

Big changes happen in college. Yes, mentally… you learn some things, but usually you experience some physical changes as well. We’re all familiar with the “freshman 15” which, unfortunately, seems a little too easy to accomplish. Some of you may be terrible cooks, especially compared to your parents’ (In my case, my mama’s) home cooking. Unless you’re blessed with the Derb’s meal plan, you may even experience weight loss. Whatever your situation, making your health a priority is something we should all take seriously. It may seem hard to do this with your new class schedule and the desire to watch multiple hours on Netflix to de-stress, but making time for exercise and nutrition can help you stay calm, prepare you for class, and may reduce the risk of getting the bug that everyone seems to be catching this week. K-State has some great resources to look into… and they are actually fun. Here are a few different ideas for you to try out your first semester without horizontal running (watch Pitch Perfect if you want to be cool and get that reference).

1.) The Konza Prairie is an ideal place for a relaxing hike. There are three different loops for you to hike depending on your fitness level. Go with a group or by yourself and enjoy being out in the wideopen space. The views will take your breath away, as well as the insanely long hill. This should be on everyone’s collegiate bucket list to do before they graduate. It takes a little time to drive there, but I promise it’s worth it. BONUS: If you’re a selfie lover, this is your perfect opportunity to snap a new profile pic, as well.

2.) Radina’s coffee shop is a great place to drink a green Smoothie from . A Radina’s is conveniently located right on campus in the Staley School of Leadership Studies. They’re delicious and jam packed with fruits and veggies. Plus, if you have a Campus Special coupon book they usually have a “buy one get one free drink “ ticket at the beginning of the semester. Go with a friend and help your body fight off the cold this fall.

3.) UFM has some great classes that you can sign up for. You can take these for credit or non-credit (the cheaper option). These classes range from archery to belly dancing -which I may or may not have signed up for already… Signing up for a class can help you stay committed, plus it’s a great way to learn a new skill and meet new friends.

4.) Utilize the Rec. It’s free for students if you’re a full time student (don’t forget to bring your ID). You don’t have to be a body builder to enjoy the resources it provides. The Rec offers free classes including Zumba, yoga, body pump,etc….. For a full schedule check it out online (http://recservices.k-state.edu/). Also, the rock-climbing wall is legit and provides a really fun, amazing arm work out without picking up the weights.

5.)  The Natatorium is another free resource. Like to swim? Swimming is low impact (perfect if you’re dealing with any injuries), but still offers a killer workout. If you’re feeling brave, the high dive is a way to get your adrenaline kick and help those endorphins flow. Happy thoughts peeps.

6.) Manhattan Running Company (http://manhattanrunningco.com/) has products to help enhance your workout. A local store in Manhattan that specializes in making sure you are in the proper gear. Making sure you’re in the right shoe is crucial to how you perform and helping prevent you from getting injured. When you only have ten minutes to catch your next class on campus, you know how important comfy shoes are. Plus the owners are awesome. They’re also my bosses 🙂

Remember, these are just a few suggestions to help you get the semester off to a healthy start! If you can think of more ideas, please comment below! I would love to hear how you take time for yourself to keep physically and mentally balanced. As a bonus, being in excellent shape will support all that tailgating and wabashing at the next home game. EMAW.

Cheers, Cajsa

6 Picks: Cat Cash

I never have cash. I suppose I can blame living in the digital age. My paychecks are direct deposited electronically so I use my debit card and check online banking daily. Except when I am on campus, I have another option. I can use my student ID as a debit card too! All I had to to was open an account and put some Cat Cash on it. 

6 Situations where Cat Cash has come in handy include:

1) At the (Union) Bookstore– I had to buy a Blue Book for a test. It was something I could have paid for with a few coins, but I had forgotten to bring money to campus.

2) (Union) Cat’s Den Convenience Store– It was a snowy day in April or May (really, Kansas) and all I wanted was a warm cup of coffee. Caribou also accepts Cat Cash but had a line (understandably, YUM!) and I was in a rush to get to my class in Bluemont.

3) (Union) Foodcourt– Specifically Panda Express. It was a sunny Saturday and I didn’t feel like driving but had a craving for Chinese food. I had also possibly slept through dining hours at The Derb.

4)(Leadership Studies)Radina’s– My hall had a fire drill so my friend and I waited it out down the hill at Radina’s. It was warm, there was a restroom, and I could finish my homework using campus wifi.

5) (Van Zile) Quik Cats– I lived in Ford so this one was right across the street. When roads were slick during the perpetual Winter, I went over to grab things like super glue, ice cream after midnight, fruit in a cup, Lunchables, pizza rolls, chocolate milk, chips, and juices. I didn’t have to walk to my car. I didn’t have to hunt for my car. I could make it there and back without judgement in my pajamas. The Bakery downstairs by The Derb got a lot of attention for similar reasons.

6) (Jardine) JP’s– I was meeting a friend for dinner and got introduced to this one. We didn’t want to go too far from campus, but parking and lines weren’t ideal either. We got right in, no wait. Awesome chips and queso and an excellent burger surprised me. The pizza however shocked me. The staff are super friendly and attentive.

For more information on how to use Cat Cash see this site (Cat Cash).

Spend wisely!