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Take LEAD 212!

Enrollment is right around the corner for students here at K-State. This is always a bitter sweet time for students, excited to work out their schedules but being at the mercy of tricky times and trying to get that ideal time of each class.

This time makes me reflect back upon the first time I enrolled as an incoming freshman 4 years ago. Boy does time fly! It was both scary and exciting all at the same time.

A question that many incoming freshman have is: What is the structure of classes in college? Answer: It varies, but K-State offers a really unique class that is targeted at freshman and helping them ask the “why” question behind leadership in their life.

This class is called Introduction to Leadership Concepts or “LEAD 212”. It is offered through the School of Leadership Studies here at K-State. This is one of the most beneficial classes that you can take as a freshman. This class put emphasis on asking the question, “Leadership for what?” I think this is a great question that freshman can ask themselves. The answer to that question will provide direction and guidance for students to determine what activities they choose to get involved in during college.

One of the coolest things about this is that the second half of the class is actually taught by a student in Leadership Studies! I have the opportunity to be one of these students, commonly referred to as a “Class Leader”. Students like me have the opportunity to share our understanding of leadership with 10-12 freshman in our small groups. The saying, “You really don’t know something until you have to teach it” really holds true to this opportunity. I have learned so much about myself during this process, as well as sharing my knowledge with my students.

As many of you are pondering where to go to college, I would encourage you to examine K-State and it’s School of Leadership Studies. K-State is committed to it’s students to not only have a great education in their specific field, but be able to be a leader in any field due to the skills and theories that Leadership Studies has to offer.

And it all starts with enrolling in this class! Check it out!


Have a good week! Go Cats!


Showing Campus Off!

Over Spring Break this past week, several of my relatives visited from Iowa. Naturally, they wanted a tour of K-State’s campus, and I was more than happy to give one! It’s weird that I’ve come to feel the way I do about our campus, but I love showing it off! I took my guests to the world-renowned School of Leadership Studies, to the largest building on campus, Hale Library, and to our Student Union to give them a taste of what life is like on a daily basis for K-State students.

It’s a unique time to give a tour of our campus, and an exciting time to be a future Wildcat. A number of high-profile construction projects are currently underway across campus, from the completion of our Recreation Complex (complete with climbing wall!) to the entirely new West side of Bill Family Snyder Stadium, things are on the up-and-up across campus. Justin Hall, the headquarters of the College of Human Ecology, recently got an update as well, and plans are moving forwarded for a new College of Business Administration building too.

The student voice has always been highly valued at K-State – we get to make some of the most major decisions each year that affect the future of campus. One such decision the K-State student body will be making soon deals with the future of our Student Union on campus. Basically, the building is in need of an update, and so on April 10 and 11, all K-State students will have an opportunity to vote for one. (Check out www.ksu.edu/YourUnion for some renderings – they’re pretty impressive!)

Buildings alone can never make a campus, but I do think they can enhance the educational and extra-curricular environment of a university, and there’s been no time in recent memory when more positive updates were occurring across campus. It’s a good time to be a Wildcat!


3 Ways to “Get Out There” During College

I’ve talked frequently about the importance of trying new things in college, of getting involved on campus, and of meeting new people. I believe it’s also worth noting, however, how important it can be to immerse yourself in an entirely new culture – whether elsewhere in the United States or a new country entirely. Experiencing the world and meeting people different than yourself is the best thing that can be gained in college – otherwise you’ll be crippled upon entry in to the real world and unable to relate to or understand those who may be different than yourself. There’s a lot of different world views out there, and a lot of different ways to approach the contentious issues of our time, and I strongly believe that something new can be learned from everyone – the more different than you, the better!

The best time for college students to step outside their comfort zones and travel is during the summer. Here are my 3 ways to “get out there” during college and experience the world around you – all made possible thanks to K-State:

1. International Service Teams (http://www.k-state.edu/leadership/programs/internationalteams/): 

K-State’s world-renowned School of Leadership Studies has a student group called “International Service Teams.” Each year, students are selected to go to a number of different locations around the world for the summer to take part in service-learning initiatives according to specific community needs. Projects often relate to health, education, and youth development needs in the communities. This year, four different groups (each made up of 4 or 5 students) are traveling to one of either Brazil, Kenya, Mexico, or South Africa to serve the local communities, develop leadership skills and lifelong friendships. My friend Kaitlin Long went to Kenya a couple of summers ago as a part of International Service Teams – see the photo above!

2. Studying Abroad (http://www.k-state.edu/studyabroad/):

K-State provides a ton of opportunities to travel to other parts of the world, study abroad while attending a university there, and get course credit in the process! While I haven’t studied abroad, those I know who have say that it’s truly a life-changing experience. They came back with a much more complete view of the world and its citizens, and with connections and memories to last a lifetime! My friend Brad Ellis (pictured to the left) studied abroad in Spain last year, and has nothing but positive words to say about his experience.

3. Internships:

I’ve had the opportunity to spend the last two summers in Washington D.C. doing a couple of different internships. While Washington D.C. certainly isn’t a different country, I still managed to meet a lot of different people with different views than my own, and I gained career experience in the process. No matter how far one travels to complete a summer internship, I believe just as much can be learned during business hours at your internship as can be learned outside of work from those you meet.

Summer vacations during college provide a unique opportunity to travel the country (and world!) to gain course credit, serve those less fortunate, and gain knowledge for eventual careers. Above all though, experiences like those above can broaden your world view and enable you to approach situations with holistic wisdom upon your return. K-State makes each of these opportunities possible – just another reason to bleed purple!


Show Me the Money: On-Campus Jobs

Something that has great value to me here at K-State is the ability to have an on-campus job. A great university can set you up for success in the realm of the classroom, but an aspect that sets K-State apart is that many students are valued as employees as well.

Jobs range from being a campus tour guide for prospective students through New Student Services to working in the residence halls as a Community Assistant who helps to maintain the security of each hall. I have friends who work in Radina’s coffee shop in the Leadership Studies building  and a friend who works in the K-State Printing Services Office. Are you a big sports fan? The Rec Complex is the largest student employer on campus, allowing students to referee games or teach exercise classes.

There are a multitude of jobs that are available to the normal student around campus! The best aspect of on-campus jobs is how flexible the hours are. Most on-campus employers try to make your work schedule fit in with your class schedule so as to not overlap with classes and academic commitments. Also, due to their location, it is easy to walk from work to class in a matter of minutes. Many jobs start no earlier than 8 am and end no later than 9 pm, so there is plenty of time for studying and extra curricular activities to happen in your schedule as well.

My on-campus job is, without a doubt, the best job I have ever had. Currently, I am a student staffer at the School of Leadership Studies. From the eye of an onlooker, it may seem like a simple desk job, but I can tell you, with much sincerity, that my job has been one of the best forms of development for me during my time here at K-State.

At my job, I plan events for alumni, students, and administration across campus. I give building tours and help prospective students envision themselves being a part of the School of Leadership Studies minor and programs. I also sit in on PR meetings for the school and come up with ways as to better market the program. Due to my job, I have realized that I love marketing and want to make it my career. I have also realized that working in higher education, in either admissions or college student development, is one of my passions.

I am so grateful to the School of Leadership Studies for giving me this opportunity to grow and be able to give back to my university in that realm. It truly changed my life.

If you are interested in hearing more about on-campus jobs, feel free to leave me a comment or contact Career and Employment Services on K-State’s campus.

There’s No Place Like London: International Leadership Conference and More

A few weeks ago, when I hopped on a plane at MHK and crossed the pond to England, I had only a few expectations: to be amazed, inspired and informed. I have to say, my experience at the International Leadership Association exceeded any expectation I had or ever dreamed of.

Our team of School of Leadership Studies students participated in the student case competition where 11 undergraduate teams vied for the opportunity to represent their university in applying leadership theory to a current global crisis. Everything about this conference was way beyond I ever imagined. There were so many people to meet (distinguished scholars, fellow students, even K-State alumni!) from different parts of the world. I feel like I have gained so much knowledge and experience in just three days. It’s going to take me weeks to process it all (I’m still working on it).

Campus Chalking-Oxford style

Student teams were judged on three sectors: written brief, poster presentation and final presentation (pending judges approval). In the end, it was us, Claremont McKenna, and  Georgia Tech University in top billing for the final round. It was really neat to see how each team interpreted the rubric for the case. All of the presentations were creative and innovative, making the judges’ jobs really tough.


Team Picadilly in an English telephone booth. Classic

At the final keynote assembly, we were all sitting on the edge of our seat, anxiously awaiting the results of our hard work. All of the weeks, days, hours we spent culminated in this moment. The night before, our faculty advisors told us that in this moment, it didn’t matter where we ranked, because we had already won in their eyes. We really have some of the greatest faculty members in the entire world right here on campus.

The gentleman announcing the top team was from Fort Hays State and as we were hanging on his every word, he proceeded to say, “The winners of the student case competition are…from my home state” and I jumped up with (probably too much) happiness.  I couldn’t believe we had done it! WE ARE INTERNATIONAL CHAMPIONS?

K-S-U Wildcats!

Alright, champions may be too strong of a word, but we did K-State proud all thanks to the superb leadership we have right here-we even made it on the K-State homepage! It just goes to show that you can travel the world, but there is only one Kansas State University. Our success is but a mere reflection of what we have learned right here, at home.

Way to go Team Picadilly! Thanks for all the great times and an awesome journey. I’ll never forget all we saw, smelled, ate, and did. It was truly an honor to be a part of the team. I’m just bloated with glee because of it!

Cheers! And…GO CATS!!!

Ye Ol Londontown

I have experienced so many firsts this week- first international flight, first trip to another country, and first time realizing how much I love London!

Our ILA (International Leadership Association) conference is but a day away, so the wildcats are at play. Our hotel is only a couple blocks from Buckingham palace! In a few hours, we’ve seen the Eye, Westminster Abbey, the Thames river, The London Tower and the Tower Bridge among a ton of other things I don’t the names of. This country, this city-the only word I can use to describe it is glorious.
This shall be the beginning of many adventures abroad for me. I can’t even express how much I love different languages and cultures. London only marks the start of my international antics. Look out London-Team Picadilly is here to take the conference (and town) by storm. GO CATS!

P.S: Pictures to come in the near future 🙂