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Summer Reading Suggestions

Summertime is almost here, and one of the best parts of this warm, sunny season for me is the opportunity to get some reading done! Whether it’s outdoors in the sunshine or indoors on the couch, I love a great book. Read on to learn about some books that I’ve read (and loved) in previous summers, and see some of the books on my list for this summer!

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Summer Plans…Wait, What?!

Hi guys!

So November has begun and that means that it’s time to start thinking about summer plans! Sounds crazy, right? But now really is the best time to start thinking about how you want to spend your summer. Summer is a great time to intern, study abroad, or just work to save up some money. Or maybe you’d like to take a class so that you can have a lighter load during the year. I spent one summer at home working to save money, and another summer in Manhattan doing research with a faculty member.  It’s really up to you and what your goals are, but whatever it is that you choose to do, now is the time to start thinking about it. This is especially true if you plan on applying for some sort of funding. Many competitive summer scholarships and internships have early due dates.

K-State has tons of resources to help you though this process so don’t get overwhelmed! I’d recommend starting off with a discussion with your parents, family or other mentors in your life can really help you start deciding what you might like to do during the summer.  If you plan on studying abroad then the Study Abroad Office is the best place to go. Your advisor or your professors are great resources, especially if you want to be involved in something related to your major during the summer.  And don’t be afraid to ask your classmates about their summer plans, especially if they are an upperclassman! They have already been through the process and can offer advice on summer plans and resources like funding, scholarships, or internships.

Again, it’s really up to you how you spend your summer, but this is the time to start thinking about it. K-State is committed to helping you succeed so don’t hesitate to reach out and ask for advice!

K-State Proud,