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Summer Reading Suggestions

Summertime is almost here, and one of the best parts of this warm, sunny season for me is the opportunity to get some reading done! Whether it’s outdoors in the sunshine or indoors on the couch, I love a great book. Read on to learn about some books that I’ve read (and loved) in previous summers, and see some of the books on my list for this summer!

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Living Out of My Suitcase

I’ve been everywhere, man. I meant to update you all sooner, but many of my adventures have lacked power much less a stable internet connection. I welcomed the opportunity to disconnect and recharge a little but I have so much to tell you!

I have only been out of school a few weeks and I have covered  at least 14,350 miles worth of ground! Thankfully, I travel well. My parents trained me when I was young on how to pack and keep myself entertained for long distances. After I checked out of my hall, I began a 500 mile drive. A few days later my dad and I drove 1,400 miles in 22 hours and the next morning I hopped on a plane. By the time I was done flying I had flown 11,000 miles. Tomorrow I am hopping on a train and by the time I return I will have traveled 1,450 miles by train.  It’s safe to say I’ve been busy and I admit I still haven’t unpacked from all of my adventures. I have traveled by car, plane, train, and even boat and the summer isn’t anywhere near over yet!

It’s safe to say I am living out of my suitcases. They are purple, of course, and my K-State wear has been spotted everywhere from Hawaii to Kansas and beyond. I just love running into members of the K-State family when I travel and I always appreciate a good “EMAW” and a high five when I am away from home. This is a lot of words and numbers, so I will leave you with some pictures from my adventures.

Hope everyone is having an adventurous summer!


P.S. Countdown to first day of class is at 59 days!!!

3 Reasons Spring at K-State is the Best!

Since coming to K-State, Spring has become my favorite time of year – there’s always something to do, someone to hang out with, and often times, a lot of free food! While studying for finals has to remain a priority in my schedule, there’s a ton of opportunities to meet new people, have fun, and give back to the community that can be found in March, April, and May. Here are three of my favorites:

1. Intramurals – I love the intramurals that are offered in the Spring. Doubles tennis is my favorite to play, but I really enjoy watching my fraternity brothers compete in slow-pitch softball as well as the annual three-on-three tournament we hold in our backyard. The weather hasn’t been too consistent so far this Spring, but after being cooped up inside for several months, I’ll take just about anything; it feel great to get out and exercise around Manhattan in the Spring.

2. Philanthropies – Philanthropies are an example of a concept I knew nothing about before coming to college, but they’re everywhere in the Spring. The concept is a simple: an organization (often a fraternity or sorority) puts on an event, and the proceeds go to a local or national charity. Recent example at K-State include a Miss K-State pageant put on by one of the fraternities and a 5K “paint run” hosted by one of the sororities here on campus.

3. Planning for Summer – This might sound weird, but one of my favorite parts of the last few weeks has been getting ready for this summer: I’ll be working in Manhattan part-time as an Orientation Leader for K-State (look out incoming freshmen!) and also interning for the City Commission here in town. I’m excited for my jobs, and I’m also REALLY excited to be living with three of my fraternity brothers for a couple of months and hanging out in Manhattan for the summer!



Hard to believe, but Summer is already here.  Freshman year wrapped up really well!  I cut a few grades pretty close, but I ended up with a cumulative 3.8 GPA for the year.  I’m going to be spending the Summer in Kansas City, working a part-time job.  But, I’m planning on heading back to Manhattan a few times for sure!  As far as Summer plans go, I’m heading to Texas a couple times, a couple lake trips, and a couple trips back to Manhappiness.  I’m really looking forward to having a break from school and all the responsibilities, but I can’t wait til school starts back up next Fall!

This Summer, I’m planning on catching up on some desperately needed sleep, working a lot, hanging out with high school friends, and hanging out with new friends I made at K-State.  I’ll be taking an English class at Johnson County Community College also; it’s great how easy it is to transfer classes taken at JCCC to K-State.  I took 29 credit hours through JCCC and my high school, and they all transferred to K-State no problem.  I ended up taking 29 more credit hours this year, so technically I’ll be a Junior by the time I get back to K-State.  I’m staying for at least four years though, already decided!