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Spring Break Road Trips


There are two reasons why March is a really exciting time for me -I do not know about what everyone’s plans for this year are, but for me usually spring break is for road trips and summer vacation is for travelling. So March means I am only two weeks away from my spring break road trips and only 10 weeks away from my summer travels.

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Thank you, K-State

As I think about Thanksgiving break, my first thought is “oh my gosh, where did my 9 days off go?” Quickly followed by “wait a minute…I only have two weeks left of school then graduation and finals. WHAT IS GOING ON!” Thinking about the short amount of time I have left as a student at K-State makes me realize the things I am most thankful for from my time here.

1. The amazing friendships I have made. Deciding to attend K-State, work on campus, and participate in various on campus activities resulted in friendships that will last a lifetime. (yes, this is a subtle shout out to you)

2. The connections I made with faculty and staff across campus. From my on campus employer to my professors to my academic and honors program advisors, my life has been positively influenced by numerous professionals at K-State.

3. The opportunities for involvement both on and off campus. Whether it be serving as Chair of Student Review Board, participating as a CASA Volunteer, or my time in a Greek organization, each endeavor turned out to be an amazing adventure and learning experience.

4. The future that awaits me as a result of my decision to attend K-State for my undergraduate career. As I approach graduation, I have an amazing offer from one law school and am waiting responses from the other two. K-State provided me with the academic rigor and opportunities for success to make my career goals a reality.

This list may seem short, but its four components are vastly important to me. I cannot imagine my undergraduate career without any single component. And for that, there is only one thing I would like to say:

Thank you, K-State.


Busy, busy!

I apologize for not posting earlier this week, but the picture below gives you a glimpse into what my life has been like this week.

On top of regular class work, this week arrived with a test, paper, and major class presentation. Needless to say, I spent a large amount of time in front of my computer working on a study guide, conducting research, and writing, writing, writing. I am looking forward to next week when things will temporary slow down before a nice loooong Thanksgiving break. In order for K-State students, especially those from out of state, to be able to travel home to spend time with family and friends, the university transitioned from a fall break to a full week off for Thanksgiving break. I definitely think we are better off! Instead of a 3 day weekend, we virtually have 9 days off to rest up and prep for finals. I could not be looking forward to leisure reading, family time, and lots of Thanksgiving treats more.

What are you looking forward to most as Thanksgiving break approaches?


Two Weeks Left :(

I’m coming down to the wire of my first semester at K-State, and I’m so sad that it’s almost over. This means that I only have 7 semesters left! All my classes are winding down, and Winter Break is approaching quickly.

I had a fun Thanksgiving Break- ate waaaay too much and got to relax a little. I had a huge project due in Leadership right when I got back. There was a big paper to write and a 20 minute presentation. After that and a test in Honors Ag Econ, I was pretty much done with my classwork until finals. I won the election for External Philanthropy Chairman of my fraternity, so I’ll be working with others to get my house more involved in community service.  I’ve got two finals coming up this week (so much for dead week), and I’ve got two finals next week. In high school, I couldn’t wait to get a few weeks off from school. But, now that I’m not going to be in Manhattan for a month, I don’t know what I’m going to do with myself! I’m planning on making at least one trip down to Texas to see my family over break, but hopefully I’m going to make another one in January to see the Cats play in the Cotton Bowl!  They won their last game of the season on a cold, rainy Saturday.  I was kind of upset that we didn’t get to go to a BCS Bowl; they just had no love for the Big 12 this year. I can’t wait for the bowl though, it’s going to be a huge game.  GO CATS!

Life Doesn’t Slow Down!

Where to begin?! It’s been a while since my last post because I literally haven’t stopped being busy for the past two straight weeks.  I was in Stillwater last weekend for the heart-breaking loss the Cats suffered, but I was also in the front row at our 4 overtime thrilling victory this weekend!  We had our annual philanthropy, The Pancake Feed, this past Friday.  It was a great success!  We served 350 people delicious pancakes, and we raised over $1,400 for the Manhattan Boys and Girls Club.  After the game on Saturday, we had a dinner with the alumni of our house.  The current members were there, along with classes from over 50 years ago and everywhere in between.  It was a really great chance to meet some of my fraternity brothers!  Today, I helped rake leaves for a community service project with my Honors Class.  We raked for older people in Manhattan that couldn’t do it themselves, and it was a great feeling to see how happy we made them!

I’ve had tests, quizzes and papers out the wazoo recently, and I’ve got another four tests this week before Thanksgiving Break…  It’s going to be a long week, I can already tell.  I’ll be heading back to Kansas City on Thursday afternoon for a week long break!  I can’t wait to see my family, my dog, and my high school friends; I also can’t wait to catch up on some of the sleep I’ve been missing the past few weeks.  Wish me luck on getting through this week though!



Here’s a picture of my cousin and I standing outside Oklahoma State’s football stadium!