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3 Places I Cannot Wait To Visit

Icelandic horses graze with a volcano erupting in the background. Photo from thesun.co.uk.

A lot of people have bucket lists that include crazy adventures and all sorts of dare devil-ish activities. My bucket list has nothing but travelling on it. Through the magic of the internet, often I look up far away places and think about how amazing it would be to live there. Sometimes I even go on airline sites and look up how much tickets would cost and I even plan fake itineraries and sigh at the possibility of actually going on those trips (Sad, I know.) Continue reading “3 Places I Cannot Wait To Visit”

What Makes K-State Great: Yepiao Yu


Senior in Secondary Education – Spanish


Hometown: Shenzhen, China


Favorite Fun Fact: Octopuses have two hearts


Spirit Animal: Cat



Do you think trying new things is scary? This K-State student moved to a different country to go attend college!

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“The Most Dangerous Worldview is [That] of Those Who Have Not Viewed The World”


A very important part of growing and developing is learning about the world around us. Sometimes we forget that the world is an unimaginably huge place. There are more than 7 billion other people out there and almost 200 countries, think of that the next time you think Cardwell Hall is crowded. In fact, just think of all the different cultures, attitudes, beliefs, and thought processes out there. People live their lives in very different ways and that makes the way they tackle their issues or the way they get to solutions vastly distinct. Think about how learning about just one or two different cultures or languages can open up a whole new world of possibilities and make you see the world  around you with not just one but two or three sets of eyes.

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My Spring Break Research Trip to the United Kingdom

Tower of London Bridge
Tower of London Bridge

This spring break, I ventured to the United Kingdom with a brave professor (Hi Dr. Barb!) and 7 other students to research travel perceptions and media usage. It was an amazing trip! Continue reading “My Spring Break Research Trip to the United Kingdom”

Concerts with Cohorts


College is a time to spend with friends enjoying whatever you can.  My friends and I have common tastes in music so we choose to spend a lot of time bonding over it.  It all changes though when you have the chance to road trip with friends to a concert. Continue reading “Concerts with Cohorts”

Another Benefit of Joining a Club?

Getting involved on campus is great for meeting people and learning new skills, but it’s also an amazing opportunity to travel! Through my involvement in different organizations on campus I have gotten to travel all over the U.S.

Participating in Model UN is one way that I have been able to travel. Last fall we attended a conference in Chicago and it was SO much fun! The nine-hour train ride gave us a lot of time to bond and the conference gave us free time to explore the city. Recently, a few weeks ago we attended a conference in St. Louis, and we have plans to travel to San Francisco next year. It’s been so great to explore these cities with friends, but the conferences also offer a fun chance to meet new people from all over the country who have the same interests. There are so many benefits in joining an on campus club!

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Toll Road Troubles

I love traveling. An open road is my friend. Traffic happens and you learn to deal with it. I have found one little issue though when I cross state lines- toll roads.The Kansas Turnpike system makes sense to me. You get on, you get a ticket, you give the ticket when you get off, the ticket tells you how much each stop would be from where you got on, you pay when you get off. Not all toll roads are created equally.

I recently took a trip to Chicago and experienced their toll system. There are booths along the way with varying amounts. You pay each booth and when you exit there may or may not be another booth. Luckily, I looked up their amounts and locations on my phone at a rest stop.

The whole situation reminded me why I got my first K-TAG. I make trips to the Kansas City area to see family, Lawrence to see friends, and Wichita to see family. Remembering to bring cash isn’t always easy and sometimes lines get long. With a K-TAG I could use a separate lane and get through without hassle.

Most importantly, whether you are coming to school, heading home, or going on a trip, make sure to look up travel information before you head out so there aren’t any surprises. Twitter is helpful on this too if you follow @KansasTurnpike. Traffic updates from @KSHighwayPatrol are also helpful too.

Safe Travels!


Living Out of My Suitcase

I’ve been everywhere, man. I meant to update you all sooner, but many of my adventures have lacked power much less a stable internet connection. I welcomed the opportunity to disconnect and recharge a little but I have so much to tell you!

I have only been out of school a few weeks and I have covered  at least 14,350 miles worth of ground! Thankfully, I travel well. My parents trained me when I was young on how to pack and keep myself entertained for long distances. After I checked out of my hall, I began a 500 mile drive. A few days later my dad and I drove 1,400 miles in 22 hours and the next morning I hopped on a plane. By the time I was done flying I had flown 11,000 miles. Tomorrow I am hopping on a train and by the time I return I will have traveled 1,450 miles by train.  It’s safe to say I’ve been busy and I admit I still haven’t unpacked from all of my adventures. I have traveled by car, plane, train, and even boat and the summer isn’t anywhere near over yet!

It’s safe to say I am living out of my suitcases. They are purple, of course, and my K-State wear has been spotted everywhere from Hawaii to Kansas and beyond. I just love running into members of the K-State family when I travel and I always appreciate a good “EMAW” and a high five when I am away from home. This is a lot of words and numbers, so I will leave you with some pictures from my adventures.

Hope everyone is having an adventurous summer!


P.S. Countdown to first day of class is at 59 days!!!

AT&T Cotton Bowl!

This post features a guest writer on the blog site, one of my best friends, Mollie. Unfortunately, I was unable to attend the AT&T Cotton Bowl game in Dallas showcasing the K-State Wildcats, but along with some of our other friends, Mollie was able to make the journey. I invited her to share her AT&T Cotton Bowl experience with all of you.

I am a senior at K-State graduating in May, in Public Relations with dual minors in Leadership Studies and Women Studies.  I am incredibly anxious to graduate but have been working really hard to remind myself that I am still in college and can still enjoy my time, while job hunting.

This year when they announced that K-State would be going to the Cotton Bowl I immediately grabbed my phone, texting all my friends to see who would want to go.  I knew it would be an experience I could not miss!  It is true there might be another year when I could go cheer on the Cats at a bowl game, but never again as a student.  I scurried to find tickets, a hotel and decide who would drive.   Once all the details were finalized, we were bowl bound!

We drove to Dallas on Thursday night, regrettably missing the pep rally.  We checked into our hotel and headed uptown to meet up with other K-Staters.  It was a mix of Wildcats and Razorbacks, with fans going back and forth doing the school cheers!  The fight song rang in our ears as we ended the night – it was almost game day.

Friday morning we woke up and got ready to go to the JFK Sixth Floor Museum and the grassy knoll.  It was an incredible tour, as it was audio with amazing footage and photos of the event as well as the Kennedy family.  We left Dallas to go to the stadium, which was covered with red and purple.  As we managed to find a parking spot and head to find our friends’ tailgate, it was impossible not to notice how perfect of a day it was.  The sun was out and  purple was everywhere, what more could a soon to be K-State alum want?  The tailgates were perfect, there were people everywhere and the smell of grilling filled the air.  Stadium hot dogs are one of my favorite things so I skipped the food to wait for what I found out to be a $7.50 foot long hot dog, a bit unnecessary but still delicious.

As we took out seats, we realized how unreal they were.  We were on the bottom section, Arkansas end-zone, row 13.  We could practically feel the wind shift, in a domed arena, as the players ran past to start their warm ups.  There were a mix of teams in the end-zone as the anticipation grew.  It was hard to hear anything but we just kept screaming hoping it helped pull out a Wildcat win.  An amazing Star Spangled Banner with the entire field covered with an American flag set the mood for the game, everything about this experience was going to be memorable.  Kickoff started the game and we didn’t sit down until it was between quarters, or halftime.  The bands played as loud and proud as they possibly could, hoping to solidify a win!  They worked hard, but in the end we did not win the Cotton Bowl.  I found the Razorback fans demonstrated good sportsmanship as it was a battle for both teams.

The trip was ended by a day at the Stockyards.  Right when we got there a camera crew ran at us as if we were celebrities, little to our knowledge we had parked close to Khloe Kardashian.  A few photo bombs later we were strolling to see what Ft. Worth had to offer.  It was yet again, a memory to be made. The trip back was quick, but nothing beats taking exit 303 knowing you are home.

I will always remember this trip, I am still in college and I need to remember this.  When I forget and let myself become stressed out of anxious, I will think of this trip.  After all how many people can say they travel to watch the team they were raised rooting for battle at a bowl game in an NFL stadium?  I am lucky to be a Wildcat, and ask everyone to cross their fingers as I start my job search!