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What Makes K-State Great: Dr. Emily Lehning


Associate Vice President for Student Life and

Director of New Student Services

From Olivet, Kansas

Strengths: Maximizer, Arranger, Individualization, Learner, and Achiever

This phenomenal woman is someone that you need to know.

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What it means to be a Wildcat, Part 1.

There is something so different about a K-State student than a student at any other university. Although it may be difficult to put into words, I have made it my mission to make a fair attempt at it. If you are lucky enough to call yourself a Wildcat, you understand what I’m getting at. And to begin–I will say it means much more than simply being enrolled here. So, so much more.

I will begin with my inspiration for these series of posts; one of the easiest examples of this “it” factor to observe:


This is a picture of a friend and I enduring the less-than-desirable weather on Saturday for the Iowa State football game. We were joined by literally hundreds of other students decked out in scarves, ponchos, and rain boots. Despite the hour and a half delay and steady drizzle throughout the afternoon, the student section was still packed. You may be asking yourself, “Yeah…so what. Why is that so cool?”

I’ll tell you why. It ‘s more than full-capacity seating at football games—it means that each and every student was willing to put their red cheeks and frozen toes second to cheering on their ‘Cats. It means that they were willing to stay an extra 15 fight songs after the game got over just to join their fellow students in swaying to and singing our Alma Mater. There is an incredible presence of spirit and devotion throughout the K-State student community, and it is made obvious every time we join together. This presence is special, rare, and infinite exclusively at this university.

Although I have blogged about this before, I CANNOT STRESS IT ENOUGH. To end this post, I will confess- very few things in this world beat the experience of being surrounded by all of that purple after a Wildcat Victory. That feeling of sheer pride, love, and camaraderie is one to be cherished.

xoxo, ellen