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大学学生的危机培训是一个在线、互动的把关培训模拟,旨在培养学生及学生领袖去(1)识别当一个同伴学生呈现精神痛苦的迹象,和(2)控制与该学生的对话,目的是帮他们与适合的援助服务接洽。大学学生危机培训使用虚拟环境以增强学习体验。用户扮演一个大学学生的角色,并加入一个与完全动画的学生的模拟对话 中,该动画学生显示出抑郁、自杀念头、焦虑和滥用药物的迹象。通过向学习者提供亲身实践,在真实生活中处理相似情况时,他们会变得越来越自信和熟练。

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About Monica E. Vaca-Cárdenas

Mónica Elva Vaca-Cárdenas is a Ph.D student at Kansas State University in the Department of Curriculum and Instruction. She has also been the Graduate Research Assistant at the Teaching and Learning Center of the Kansas State University for the last two years. Monica is from Ecuador, where she obtained the following qualifications: Doctor in Languages, mention International Cooperation, Diploma in teaching (EFL) English as a Foreign Language and a Master degree in Linguistics applied to EFL. Teaching experience: Monica has been teaching English as a Foreign Language for fifteen years in Ecuador, at elementary, high school and University level; and teaching Spanish for a couple of semesters in the International Student Center of K-State.

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