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What have you been up to? – Undergraduate Research Projects

(By Jared Hoyle, KSU Turfgrass Research and Extension)

As the temperatures start getting warmer, friends and neighbors start getting out more.  So when I run into them, the first question I get is “What have you been up to?”.  Many times people think winter is slow because the grass is not growing but actually during the winter is when we try and get a lot of things done that we don’t have time to get to in the warmer parts of the year.  But one thing that we have been up to is undergraduate research projects.

In the fall of 2016 I had three students come to my office interested in conducting an undergraduate research project.  I told them that the purposes of an undergraduate research projects are; 1. Answer a question for an issue that turfgrass managers face, 2. Learn the process to conduct research and, 3. Relate your research to more than just the turfgrass manager but have a social impact.  All three of them agreed then we started brainstorming and came up with three projects.

Undergraduate Research Project #1 – Student – Peyton South

The Effect of Human Insect Repellents on Turfgrass Growth and Recovery

Ever seen this before? https://www.extension.iastate.edu/turfgrass/blog/dr-nick-christians/mosquito-spray-can-kill-grass

That is what bug spray can do to your turf.  Peyton wanted to look into it more and see if there are differences in not only the bug sprays but if there is recovery. He is currently taking data and we will get that information out there once the project is complete.  Here are some pictures of the project.


Undergraduate Research Project #2 – Student – Dani McFadden

Will Turfgrass Colorants Blemish Clothing?

Dani’s research project was inspired by a question I got from in education event this past year. There has been lots of research on turfgrass colorants and how long they last but what will it do to the clothing of the athletes if they fall.  So Dani went out and applied a variety of different turfgrass colorants, pulled clothing across the colorants (after the recommended drying time) and then analyzed how much colorant blemish the clothing. Once her project is complete then we will be able to determine which products to recommend to athletic field managers so they can rest assure they won’t have any phone calls about stained clothing.


Undergraduate Research Project #3 – Student – Gage Knudson

Prediction of baseball on-base percentage due to infield mowing height

Sometimes there is only a spit second at first base between a baseball batter and the throw at shortstop to determine if the runner is out or safe.  One component of that split second is how fast the baseball moves through the infield.  Holding all other factors constant, Gage manipulated mowing height of a simulated baseball infield to determine the speed of a ground ball hit to the shortstop.  Then he can predict the out percentage at first base.  Gage’s interest in this project not only helps field managers with maintenance of the field but shows how important it is for the coach of baseball team to communicate with the grounds manager.  To simulate a constant speed he used a pitching machine that was aimed at the infield.  Believe it or not that one slit second can be influenced just by the mowing height of the infield.

New Weed Control Publication For Turfgrass Professionals

(By Jared Hoyle, KSU Turfgrass Research and Extension)

In 2016 Dr. Aaron Patton and Daniel Weisenberger reached out to surrounding universities to collaborate on producing a multi-state Turfgrass Weed Control for Professionals Publication.  There are 11 states, including Kansas, that worked together to help produce the 2017 edition.


Guide provides weed identification and control information that turfgrass professionals can use to develop effective weed control programs for golf courses, athletic fields, sod farms, lawns, and other turfgrass systems. Recommendations apply to most states, with input from experts in IL, IN, IA, Kansas, KY, MI, MN, MO, NE, NY, OH, and WI.

It contains images and information for identifying 105 different weed species.



Covers herbicide selection in:

  • Nonselective herbicide/fumigants for renovation
  • Nonselective herbicides for border maintenance
  • Preemergence herbicides
  • Postemergence broadleaf herbicides
  • Postemergence grass herbicides
  • Postemergence sedge herbicides
  • PGRs for general turf
  • PGRs for putting greens
  • Herbicides labeled for putting greens (PRE and POST)

The publicationl also covers many other weed control aspects like;

  • Which herbicide works best for each weed.
  • Includes notes and comments on each herbicide.
  • Control of tough weeds.
  • Provides handy comparisons of broadleaf herbicide ingredients.
  • Covers fundamentals of how herbicides work
  • frequently asked questions.


For an electronic download copy for 12.00 click here – https://mdc.itap.purdue.edu/item.asp?item_number=Turf-100-W#.WMFVKGVuD8s

For a hard copy delivered to your door (20.00) click here – https://mdc.itap.purdue.edu/item.asp?item_number=TURF-100#.WMFVDWVuD8u

Congrats to KSU alum for prestigious environmental award

(Megan Kennelly)

We are proud that our K-State alum Josh Heptig is the winner of the President’s Award for Environmental Stewardship from the Golf Course Superintendents Association of America! Way to go!


You can read all about Josh and his innovations on the golf course here:


He currently works in California.

Low Water Use Turfgrass Event – Hays, KS

Tuesday evening, Sept. 20 is set for the annual Horticulture Night at the Kansas State University Agricultural Research Center in Hays. This year the emphasis is on low water use turfgrass demonstration plots, tomato and pepper varietal trials, and the Prairie Star flower performance trials.  The event is scheduled later in the summer this year than usual so attendees can better view the results of the complete season.

Dr. Jared Hoyle will be there to answer any turfgrass questions you might have!




Golf Tournament to Support K-State Turfgrass Students

(By Jared Hoyle, KSU Turfgrass Research and Extension)

Need something to do on October 1st?  Come out to Colbert Hills Golf Course, play a round of golf and support the Kansas State University Golf Course Superintendents Student Chapter.

The money raised in this tournament pays for the students travel to attend the Golf Industry Show (By GCSAA) in Orlando, FL in 2017 and participate in the National College Turf Bowl Championship.

Come out and support the students!  Hope to see you there. Information about registration is below!

Golf tournament

HAGCSA – Scholarship Opportunities for Students

(By Jared Hoyle; KSU Turfgrass Research and Extension)


It’s getting close to that time of year again – to start promoting available scholarship opportunities through the Heart of America GCSA.  Please help spread the word to your students (when school starts in August).  Deadline is October 31, 2016.


The Heart of America GCSA Scholarship Program offers educational aid to deserving students in the turfgrass program at an accredited college or university in Kansas or Missouri.

A total up to $5,000 is allocated each year to deserving students. Applicants will compete based on their overall qualifications determined by the Scholarship and Research Committee.

2016 academic term

(Must carry a 2.75GPA or higher for consideration.)

Scholarship Application – 2016 – PDF File

Scholarship Application – 2016 – Word File

October 31, 2016

Submit to:

Heart of America GCSA

Scholarship & Research Committee

638 W. 39th Street, Kansas City, MO 64111


Kim Weitzel; kweitzel@westerneda.com




The 2016 Turfgrass Research Reports Now Online!

(By Jared Hoyle: KSU Turfgrass Research and Extension)

Every year we create new turfgrass research reports.  This year we have lots of new information from the release of a new zoysiagrass to unmanned aircraft systems for drought monitoring.

photo contest

Listed below is a list of topics and links to the 2016 reports.  Enjoy!

  1.  Release of KSUZ 0802 Zoysiagrass
    J. Fry and Ambika Chandra
  2. Nitrous Oxide Emissions and Carbon Sequestration in Turfgrass: Effects of Irrigation and Nitrogen Fertilization (Year 1)
    R. Braun, D. Bremer, and J. Fry
  3. Small Unmanned Aircraft Systems Detect Turfgrass Drought
    D. Bremer and Deon van der Merwe
  4. 2013 National Turfgrass Evaluation Program Bermudagrass Test: 2015 Data
    L. Parsons, J. Griffin, and J. Hoyle
  5. 2012 National Turfgrass Evaluation Program Tall Fescue Test: 2015 Data
    L. Parsons, M. Kennelly, J. Griffin, and J. Hoyle
  6. Influence of Glyphosate Timings on Conversion of Golf Course Rough from Tall Fescue to ‘Sharps Improved II’ Buffalograss
    J. Reeves, J. Hoyle, D. Bremer, and S. Keeley
  7. Late Pre-Emergent Control of Annual Bluegrass with Flazasulfuron & Indaziflam
    J. Reeves and J. Hoyle
  8. Evaluating the Effects of Simulated Golf Cart Traffic on Dormant Buffalograss and Turfgrass Colorants
    E. Alderman, J. Hoyle, J. Fry, and S. Keeley
  9. Preventative Control of Brown Patch with Select Fungicides
    E. Alderman, J. Reeves, and J. Hoyle
  10. Development of Cold Hardy, Large Patch Resistant Zoysiagrass Cultivars for the Transition Zone
    Mingying Xiang, J. Fry, and M. Kennelly
  11. Evaluating Zoysiagrass-Tall Fescue Mixtures in Kansas
    Mingying Xiang, J. Fry, and M. Kennelly

KGCSA Scholarship and Research Tournament – Sign up today!

11th hole at FirekeeperGC, a daily fee course owned by the Prairie Band of the Potowatomi.  Located in Mayetta, Kansas, the course was designed by Notah Begay and built by Landscapes nlimited.  September, 2010.  PM shoot.  Photograph by Paul Hundley.  Print aspect ratio:  0.65KGCSA Scholarship & Research Tournament will be held Tuesday, June 14 at Firekeeper Golf Course.  The 240-acre course is located across the street from the Prairie Band Casino & Resort, just 15 minutes north of Topeka.   The tournament fills up quickly and is on a first-come basis.  

Attached is the team entry form.   It is filling up quickly!

If you have anything to donate to the Live Auction, please indicate on the entry form or let me know.   You can donate equipment, autographed memorabilia, golf clubs, rounds of golf, electronics, product, gift certificates, etc. — you name it!

The Sponsorship Opportunity form is also attached.  This is our largest event of the year and it is a great opportunity to have your company’s name honored and recognized by our membership for your support of this well-attended event.

Looking forward to another successful tournament!



Update on KSU Turfgrass Program and Facilities in Manhattan and Olathe

(by Jared Hoyle; KSU Turfgrass Research and Extension)

As you turfgrass managers know it has not been a slow winter.  It was hot, it was cold, it snowed, it was warm again, winter was late and it looks like spring has come a little early.  With winters like that it keeps turfgrass managers busy.

This winter the KSU Turfgrass Team has also been busy.  New river pumps were installed at Rocky Ford Turfgrass Research Facility, new research plots are being installed, plans for new irrigation are in the works in Manhattan and Olathe, and believe it or not we finally have concrete in the turfgrass shop floor in Olathe.  Moving’ on up!

On behalf of the turfgrass team, we would like to thank the Heart of America and Kansas Golf Course Superintendents Associations for the donation of the concrete floor in Olathe, Martin Lane from Midwest Laser Leveling for donating time and equipment to prepare new research plots at Rocky Ford, Kevin Marks from SiteOne Landscape Supply for the new research plot irrigation design, and everyone involved in the new river pump installation at Rocky Ford.  Below are a list of pictures from all these events.






KSU Rocky Ford Turf Farm-IRR 1 REV 3-10-16

If you want to get a first hand look don’t forget to come out to Field Day on August 4th in Manhattan, KS!



Sign up for The Turfgrass Management Workshop in Colby, KS

(By Jared Hoyle, KSU Turfgrass Research and Extension)

Sign up today for the Turfgrass Management Workshop in Colby, KS.  This event is for anyone who manages turfgrass, from homeowners to professionals.

Kurt Sexton will be talking about soil sampling and the appropriate methods and I will be presenting on how to prepare your turfgrass for 2016.  Following the presentations we will have a question and answer session, so bring your questions!

Hope to see you there!

turf workshop colby