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Remembering our pine diseases

(Megan Kennelly, KSU Plant Pathology)

Everything is late-late-late this year, but soon our pine shoots (candles) will be expanding. Pine tip blight is most likely to infect newly-emerging shoots. Dothistroma comes a little later and infects needles. With pine wilt, what we see now is pines that were infected last year and are dead by now. (We need to get those chopped down and chipped/burned ASAP).

Here’s the link to some pine tip blight info¬† in last year’s summary

Here’s the link for Dothistroma needle¬†blight .

And, of course, don’t forget about PINE WILT. Get those pine wilt trees cut down by May 1 at the latest.

For a summary of all the major pine diseases in one convenient spot, you can download our publication Pine Disease in Kansas.