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Frights from the Permanent Collection

Happy Halloween! We’re celebrating by highlighting some of the eerie objects in our collection. If you want to see how other museums get into the spooky spirit, check out the #BOOseums hashtag on Twitter.

Albert Bloch, Lighted Windows, 1953-54.


Christian Breitkreutz, Death Visits Every Village, 2009.


John Steuart Curry, Death of Mahotoree - The Prairie, ca. 1940.


Lloyd Chester Foltz, Haunted House.


Jaune Quick-To-See Smith, A River Honoring, 2010.


Sven Birger Sandzén, Haunted Trees, 1934.


Andy Warhol, Witch, 1980.

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Adrianne is the Beach Museum of Art's Public Programs Coordinator. She is a technophile, avid reader, and unabashed art nerd.

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