Tips for Interviewing

Coming back from a big interview this weekend, I thought I’d share a few tips that really helped me through. I’ve heard so many before, and come to find out-they actually work!

  • Do your research      I like to prepare for an interview just like I would for an audition. And that means lots and lots if research. You may not use or need it all, but it extremely important to be knowledgeable about the organization you’re meeting with. Especially their core values and mission statement.
  • Be 100% you    Authenticity is your best asset because (as cheesy as it may be) there is literally only one you. Remind yourself of that when you feel the nerves set in. Don’t worry about ‘the competition’ because your biggest competition is yourself. If you focus on being the best version of yourself, you won’t have time to stress about the rest.
  • Be honest      If you don’t know the answer to a question, it’s ok to say you don’t. But make sure you communicate you’ll be willing to find out. As we all learned way back when, honesty will be your best bet in the end.
  • Have fun!       Who says interviews have to be riddled with anxiety, stress and nervous sweating? Ok, maybe we all don’t sweat, but the purpose of interviews is to get to know you. So give em a show! It’s your time to showcase who you are and what you’ve got so use it well.

Feel free to share more interviewing tips you may have!

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Spread the Love. Show your pride.

I’m K-State Proud with a t-shirt to prove it! I bought my K-State Proud shirt and I have to say it was the highlight of my week. I’ve always admired they’re mission of students helping students and it’s so great to see the K-State Proud campaign is running strong. The best part about Proud is that it’s student-led and student driven. What better way to show off your Wildcat pride than giving back to your fellow wildcat?

This tremendous campaign has been all over campus this week so make sure to get out and get your proud on!

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MLK Day of Service

 Now that break is just about over, I’ve just begun planning for spring semester. I always have to remember that we don’t have classes on Monday because we get a “day off” for Martin Luther King, Jr. day but last year, instead of taking a day off, I joined the HandsOn Kansas State’s Day of Service in honor of MLK day. And it’s a day that I surely won’t forget.

I’m in awe of how HOKS mobilizes so many Manhattan community members to serve across the city. It is such a beautiful thing to see individuals uniting for one purpose: to serve others. Their work directly reflects MLK’s quote that says “Everybody can be great, because anybody can serve. You don’t have to have a college degree to serve…You only need a heart full of grace. A soul generated by love.” This is one of my favorite quotes because it is so true. I definitely saw this during my experience serving last year.

As Hands On says, rather than taking the day off, make Monday a day on and join in the day of service! This is a way for us to continue bringing MLK’s dream to reality. Not only on Monday, but every day.

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Class Dismissed

Today marked the my final Creative Drama class and I have to say I almost cried. Not because it’s dead week and I was happy to be done (like you may be thinking), but because it was a completely transformative experience.

Not only was it intellectually simulating, our class bonded so well and we have all become so close. This class proved that group projects CAN go well! I’m going to miss it so much. I wish every class was as fun, exciting and inspiring as this one.

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Oh the Weather Outside is…

Being a Kansas native, I am no stranger to wacky weather conditions. But this week seems to have thrown me for a loop. We went from shorts and sandals to sweaters in mittens all within a 24 hour period. I can’t say I’m shocked at this sudden turn of temperatures, but it sure does make me think twice before picking an outfit in the morning.

For those of you who are in the same boat, here are some ideas on keeping cozy on campus:

  •  The Dress-in-Layers Method: They were onto something in elementary school. You may feel a bit strange (or bulky) at first, but dressing in layers will keep you comfy indoors and outside. You never know what temp you may be walking into when you get to class. Better to be safe than sweaty, I always say :)   
  • Be Prepared: I keep an arsenal of items in my book bag including an umbrella, jacket and gloves/mittens so I’m ready for whatever comes our way. I have walked into class with bright blue skies and sunshine and come out in the midst of a snowstorm. Believe me, you don’t want to get caught without the right gear.
  • Check before you Dress: The weather app on your phone or computer will be your best friend. It will keep you from wearing shorts when it’s below 30 degrees outside, helping you avoid a visit to Lafene. Get to know it well. It’s not always right (nobody’s perfect), but it sure will keep you in the know about what’s on the weather menu for the day.

No matter the weather, you can’t complain when you have a campus as beautiful as ours. It sure does make journeying across campus a lot more enjoyable.

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It’s great to be a wildcat

I’m proud to say I’ve been a Wildcat all my life. It’s a family tradition. My dad is the first to say he “bleeds purple”. Good thing he passed this on to me!

I couldn’t be more proud to be a Wildcat right now. From our football team’s stunning success to being named one of the happiest campus’ in the nation-Wildcats are winning. I knew I made the right choice to join the family four years ago. Strolling through campus today, kicking up autumn leaves, I couldn’t help but smile thinking about how good life is in Wildcat country. It just doesn’t get any better than this!

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Reasons I LOVE Being a Theater Major

I’ve been doing a lot of soul searching lately and started thinking about how much has changed since my first semester at K-State. One thing that hasn’t is my major. I thought about double majoring, taking on secondary majors and minors-but could never bring myself to drop theater altogether. Mostly because theater is such a big part of who I am. This week, I thought I’d share a couple reasons why I love being a theater major!

1. Theater majors just wanna have fun!!

I’m sure everyone would say their major is fun because why else would you major in something unless you liked it, right? No offense, but I think us theater majors are the Big 12 champions of fun. Most of the time, homework doesn’t even feel like work at all. It’s mostly play! You’re getting graded on having fun. You just can’t get any better than that!

2. Theater is action packed

After taking the StrengthsQuest assessment, I found out I am an activator, which means I like to learn while doing. Theater is a perfect fit because that is exactly what we do. As a performance major, most of my classes center around being hands-on and actively engaging in theater, not just theorizing or talking about it. There is a great balance between theory, application and reflection which is SO important.

3. K-State theater gets you connected

The theater faculty and staff are incredibly inspirational because they have real world experience and insight to share with students. They are teaching based on first-hand experiences and are willing to connect students with K-State alumni who are in the professional world. Theater forum is a class focused on this. These awesome individuals are always willing to help you and are a huge support system for students.

4. You learn something new every day

Today, I helped build a sliding door for my Fundamentals of Technical Production course. We used a drill, levels, bolts and other things I don’t really know the name of. I couldn’t believe it! This is something I would never be able to do if it weren’t for this class.

I can say that for a lot of things I have learned as a theater major. I continue to be stunned by how theater connects to other academic disciplines. I’ve been able to apply my major curriculum to psychology, anthropology, biology, and kinesiology among other things. At the root of theater lies communication, which is extremely beneficial no matter what professional field you go into. I know I will use my major every day whether I decide to pursue a performance career or not. This makes it even more clear to me how invaluable my major is. That’s why I love it so much!!

I feel so fortunate to be able to live out my passion for performance every single day. That’s the best thing about college. Learning about what you love is your full-time job. And I’m loving every minute of it.

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Do Something

How many times do you do something amazing for someone you find amazing?

At work today, my friend showed me this video Do Something Amazing for Someone Amazing. It shows how this movement was started by her pal, a student at the University of Illinois, who wanted to show those he loved how amazing they are.  It’s all about uplifting people in a fun and random way!!

And we’re not talking airplane writing in the sky. It’s as simple as surprising someone with their favorite coffee drink. Or showering them with a box full of balloons. Or serenading them…loudly…in a very public area. Simple. Random. Fun. Small effort…HUGE impact!

It just goes to show how much we can do for others. It doesn’t take a whole lot, but it makes a big difference. That’s what service is all about. Giving your time to benefit others. You never know what someone is going through. Reach out to show them how much you care.

These random acts of kindness spread like wildfire and students are starting the Do Something movement on campuses all across the country. I want to bring it right here to KSU! I just love the idea of spreading the love and telling people how awesome they are. Being a wildcat means being a part of a family. What better way to show how much we love each other?

I challenge everyone to take the time to remind people how much they mean to this world.  Perform random acts of kindness. Make it public. Encourage others to do so as well. Do something amazing! And make sure to film it so you can make a video too :)

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Curbside Philosophy

  Have you seen this spot on campus? It has to be one of my favorites. Every time I pass by, I see this simple word and say “Think about what?”. There are a lot of things to think about. Classes, homework, meetings, friends, family. And that’s just the beginning!

One can feel overwhelmed with all there is to think about. It’s easy to stress yourself out. But this simple directive doesn’t tell you what to think. There are no rules to this game. All you have to do is exactly what it says. Let your mind wander. Imagine…dream…engage.

I’ve come to seek this place out on my way across campus to reconnect with the world. It always reminds me to stop and open my scope. To stop thinking introspectively and think about things that are bigger than my life. There’s such power in this five letter word. I always walk away inspired and energized.

We take in so much information every day. You can get caught up in all that’s going on. That’s why it’s so important to take a moment each day and just think.

Anybody know where this is? If you haven’t been here yet, I encourage you to make it your next quest. Who knows where your thinks will take you!

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Tailgate: Take One

Football season has gotten off to a phenomenal start! What better way to kick off the semester than with a wildcat win? I’m so excited to tailgate for the first time EVER on Saturday. Sounds crazy right?

I know what you’re thinking…how do get through 3 years of college without tailgating? I don’t quite know, but I couldn’t be more pumped to check ‘tailgating at a K-State game’ off of my bucket list. The next step will be actually going to a game (which I also haven’t done before). It’s gonna be a blast! GO CATS!!!

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