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Where is my K-State Online File Dropbox?

With the release of the K-State Online upgrade last weekend, the File Dropbox is no longer a component and will not appear in the homepage menu for students. (Components are features that are turned on or off per course.) Instead, you can now create multiple File Dropboxes without naming restrictions, and can organize them with Manage Files to best fit your course.

Your course File Dropbox that you used prior to last weekend has not been deleted. It has been renamed “CourseFileDropbox” (no spaces in the dropbox name) and has been moved under Content in Manage Files. It is currently unpublished. If you wish to continue using this dropbox, you’ll need to publish it so it is accessible to students.

* To publish, click the red X next to the File Dropbox. It will change to a green plus (+) sign indicating the File Dropbox is now published and students can again submit files.
* You can change the “CourseFileDropbox” name by clicking the black arrow next to the dropbox, and typing a new name in the “File Name” box.
* To create new dropboxes, from Manage Files, click the “New Item” button on the toolbar and select “File Dropbox”.

For assistance, contact the IT Help Desk, helpdesk@k-state.edu, 785-532-7722.

by Amanda Tross, Office of Mediated Education