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InfoTech Tuesday stat roundup

One of the benefits of the switch to a new format and structure for InfoTech Tuesday is the ability to have much more accurate and comprehensive statistics about the readers. Do you ever go to a website and wonder how many other people have seen the site? Ever wonder what browser other people are using? Ever wonder how people end up on a given website?

Over the first five weeks of this semester’s InfoTech Tuesday there have been

  • 5,947 unique visitors
  • 9,462 visits to the website
  • 20,463 individual page views
  • an average of 1,892 visits a week/issue

Visitors to the site stay for an average of 1 minute 49 seconds each visit. Of all visitors, 62 percent are coming to the site directly, 34 percent are being referred to the site from another site (browse/link in), and 4 percent are getting here through organic web searches. Perhaps most interesting is the browser break down:

  • 40 percent use Internet Explorer 7
  • 29 percent use Firefox 3
  • 11 percent use Firefox 2
  • 7 percent use Safari
  • 7 percent use Internet Explorer 6
  • .6 percent are using Google’s new Chrome
  • .5 percent use Opera
  • .2 percent are already using Internet Explorer 8

This means that 21 percent of readers are using out-dated browsers, including the 1.6 percent using Netscape, which is no longer supported.

For comparison, here are stats on browser use across the internet.

In reference to last week’s article about operating systems used on campus, readers of InfoTech Tuesday are using 87 percent Windows, 11 percent Mac, 1.3 percent Linux.

  • 74 percent Windows XP
  • 12 percent Windows Vista
  • 11 percent Mac
  • 1.3 percent Windows 2000
  • 1.3 percent Linux
  • .2 percent iPhone
  • .15 percent iPod
  • and 1 visit from a Nintendo Wii!

For comparison, here are stats on operating system use across the internet.